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It's a trap! Coup de Turtle Guide (Sniper)

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Always tip the Babysitter!

IGN: Sniper, Stalker

Civil war has broken out in the Turtle Kingdom! In order to complete the mission successfully, you must keep one ‘innocent’ turtle alive until the end and defeat the evil Turtle General. If every single Heater, Freezer, Permeter and Soldier die, the mission will be failed! This mission is in Tier 3 of RDC. For more information about, visit the wiki page.

Before you can face Turtle General, you must defeat an increasing number of waves of Assaulters. Although they will not be aggressive to you they will wander around the map looking for the innocent turtles to slaughter, so kill all Assaulters! This mission is difficult to solo as there as many factors to pay attention to, and the timing between Assaulter waves makes it difficult to keep up.


In this guide, we will be utilizing an often ignored trap: the ht_landmine.gif Land Mine. Land Mine deals Earth property damage, and is influenced by INT and DEX. The original damage formula is [(DEX + 75) * (1 + INT / 100) * SkillLV]. However, the wiki says the skill has been buffed: “The effect of INT on the damage has been increased”. Based on what I can tell, the formula is close to [(DEX + 75) * (1 + INT / 5) * SkillLV]. Do not take this as the correct formula! 

Our goal is to place Land Mines on the Assaulter’s spawn points, killing them quickly and efficiently. We’ll call the players in charge of placing Land Mines the Trappers. Using Land Mines helps the mission go by faster, and get us that much closer to the showdown with Turtle General. Land Mines will activate even when you are off the screen, so you can lock-down all spawns without actively killing them. Once Turtle General spawns, we stop laying traps and proceed to take him out, and saving the innocent turtles for good! Trappers can easily kill Turtle General if they have the right equipment and stats. Trapping and killing is easier as a max stat, but is still possible using legit stats.

Lastly, one party member will be responsible for keeping one of the innocent turtles safe and distracted to keep the mission from failing. We shall call this person the Babysitter.

Mission Walkthrough

When you first enter the mission, the innocent turtles will already be under attack by swarms of Assaulters. It is important that your party gets into their positions quickly or else the mission can be failed quite fast.

Upon entering the mission, the Babysitter will draw the attention of one of the innocent turtles (Heater, Freezer, Permeter and Soldier) by attacking it. They should take the turtle up to the throne room just above the party’s spawn point. A single turtle doesn’t do much damage, but wear some tanky equipment, such as an Elnium Set, to minimize the risk of death. A High Priest is a good Babysitter because they can heal themselves and the turtle, should an Assaulter attack it.

As the Babysitter is doing their part, the Trappers should run to the three Assaulter spawn points, found on the left, bottom, and right side of the map, and place a row of Land Mines. If possible, they should also help by clearing the Assaulters that are already spawned. Be aware that you need to put down more traps once a new wave of Assaulters steps on them. Furthermore, even though the turtles are innocent, it is best to kill all innocent turtles except for the one near the Babysitter. They can mess up your traps, drag Assaulters towards the Babysitter, and be a general distraction/annoyance. Once the initial Assaulter spawn and innocent turtles have been cleared off the map, the run becomes much easier. Keep placing down Land Mines, and kill any Assaulters that slip past on the rare occasion they don’t get hit by the trap. If you trapped correctly, no Assaulter should get past the Land Mines unless you are not built for one-shotting.

Once the Turtle General has spawned, you can stop placing Land Mines and focus on killing him instead. Switch to your damage equips and use Fire arrows to take him down. His stats are similar to a regular Turtle General, just with more HP. Once he has been defeated, and your innocent turtle is still alive, you have finished the quest!

The map is a copy of Turtle Dungeon 3, but we are bound to the area in the Red square:


The Blue section represents where the Babysitter will guard the innocent turtle, and the Green sections represent where the Assaulters spawn and where the Trappers will place Land Mines. The Yellow section is the general location of the Turtle General’s spawn:


Q: Do I need Max Stat / 255 All Stats for this?
A: While not necessary, it makes gearing and killing much simpler. I’ll show a sample gear and stats of two non-max stat Sniper.

STR: Not needed, but any leftover can be used to carry more traps.
AGI: Not needed, but leftover can be used for less delay using Sharp Shooting.
VIT: Not needed.
INT: Maxed. With bonus stats, you want to get over 300 INT total.
DEX: Around 200, but test your build and see what works for you.
LUK: Not needed.

Land Mine gets the majority of its damage from INT, specifically in bonuses of 50. Get at least 300 INT, and a similar amount of DEX. DEX is much easier to get as a Sniper’s self-buffs offer lots of DEX.

Here are two sample setups that one-shot with Land Mine:


Assaulters have 111,700 HP, so your Land Mine must deal at least that much damage to one-shot them. You can test your damage by going to Turtle Dungeon 3 and using Land Mine on the Assaulters there. Although they have much lower HP, they have the same elemental typing. If you hit over 117k on the weaker Assaulters, you’ll one-shot the Assaulters in RDC.


Note: Generally, your Headgears and Armor slots should be giving you enough stat boosts to one-shot using Land Mine.

Upper Headgear: Anything that gives +INT/DEX, such as Event Coppola, Red Downey Hat, Flax Hat, Archangeling Hat, Tail Hat, or any event hats that grant stat bonuses. For killing, Amistr Hat is your best option.

Middle Headgear: Any +INT/DEX, such as Rainbow Sash, Fluttering Butterflies or Twin Butterflies. Many event gears are offered at different times of the year with similar stats. Large Red Angeling, Golden Wing, or Melody Notes/ Music Ring/Jazz Ring for killing.

Lower Headgear: Some lowers offer +stat like Miracle Blue Rose, but not as many bonuses as Upper or Middle headgears to the point that it’s not always needed. Black/Orange Tie for killing.

Armor: Reset Girl Robe gives a large stat boost, and is available year-round, unlike most event equipment. Great Old Hauberk can be used for spamming Sharp Shooting faster to help clear the early stage.

Weapon: Bazerald gives the best INT boost, but isn’t always needed depending on your other equipment. For killing any bow is good, such as Goblin Bow, Composite Bow, Spectral Bow, etc. Heart Bow is nice because it lets you do the same damage to non-Boss and Boss monsters, and has an AoE.

Garment: Not much give you +INT/DEX, and isn’t generally worth it. For killing, use Great Demon Shroud or Heroic Backpack, with Anuaki Card if using Crit.

Footgear: Nothing worthy has INT/DEX boosts, so use something for more HP/SP like Valkyrie Shoes or Ebony Greaves with Apache Tear Card or GEC Card. For killing, use Ascendant Orc or any of the cards from Itty Bitty Poring City.

Accessory: Ring Des Nibelungen gives a good stat boost if you still need to reach 117k damage. Asomatous Ring and Rainbowring also offer good stat bonuses. For killing, use Recondite Rings with Implosion Cards. Poporing Ring from Pouring Hope Quest can reduce your trap usage.


  • Against Assaulter, use 1756.gif Stone arrows and Land Mine.
  • Against Turtle General, use 1752.gif Fire arrows.
  • If doing lots of runs in a row, make sure to stock up with Traps and Arrows/Quivers between rounds.
  • Use Sharp Shooting to quickly take out large groups of Assaulters.
  • If a High Priest has level 10 Meditatio, their Blessing with give you +20 INT and DEX; a huge boost.
  • If you are concerned about Assaulters sneaking past you and killing the innocent turtle, consider using Ankle Snares on the stairs, or have a High Wizard cast Ice Wall to block them off.
  • Once the Turtle General spawns, the Assaulters will begin to attack him. You can technically let the Assaulters kill the TG, but it is faster and more reliable to kill it yourself.
  • It is possible to cover all 3 spawns with one Trapper, but you must be consistently checking on each spawn. In a solo run, laying down traps at all three spawns points in addition to killing the Assaulters that spawn when you first enter the mission is hard to pull-off.
  • You can leave a character near the bottom of the stairs to periodically check to see if Turtle General has spawned, and it will take the aggro and prevent TG from wandering up the stairs and killing the innocent turtle.

You can trap by settings 5 in a row like this:


Or by placing 3 in a row, with a space between each and the wall:



The common rewards for all RDC missions can be found here.  

The mission-specific rewards for Coup de Turtle include the Turtle General Shield, Turtle Shell Shield, Assaulter’s Huuma Shuriken, and the Turtle Box.

Here is a video showing a run done with two Trappers, one of them being the killer:

Easter Egg:


If you don't kill Turtle General, the Assaulters will start to attack him and can kill him very slowly.

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