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Aka Gelato's Guide to Black Smith Blessing and New Refining System

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Hi there RevivalRO players. Welcome to my guide on the New Refinement System and the introduction to Black Smith’s Blessing.

This new refinement system is unfamiliar to most of us, so I decided to show everyone how it is done in order to avoid losing items and safely refining items up to +10.

First is go to any Refine NPC in any of the towns (in my case I always go to Lighthalzen Refiner)



Make sure that all of the items needed are in the inventory (In my case when I was taking screenshots, I failed to notice that I lack black smith blessings). Anyways, what is a black smith blessing?

Most of us are familiar with safe refine tickets. These blacksmith blessings come from clicking safe refine tickets (i.e. Safe refine ticket 5 produces 5 blacksmith blessings). Check the picture below as an example.



The same as with the previous refinement system, a player needs to use Blacksmith Blessings together with metals (such as elunium and enriched elunium for armors and oridecon and enriched oridecon for weapons) to safely refine any armor/weapon +4 to +5 and onwards without breaking them in the process.


Second step is to click on the NPC, the refinement window should pop up just as in the image below.


Third step is to click on the item the player wishes to refine. Then it will show which metals and how many of them as well as the Black Smith’s Blessing are needed.


Fourth step is to check on the metals as well as the Black Smith’s Blessings on the window designated for them.


It is important to check on them (I actually failed on this as I was making this guide) to make sure that the player has enough materials needed to successfully and safely refine the equipment.


Fifth step is to click on the metal (in my case it was enriched elunium. I chose it because it has higher chances of success than the regular elunium).


The sixth step is to click on the Black Smith’s Blessings. MAKE SURE IT IS CLICKED before proceeding to the next step, otherwise the player will lose his/her chance to safely refine the equipment and may lose the equipment in the process.


Lastly, click the “Refining” button which also shows how much zeny is needed to refine the equipment.


Kindly check the video also to see how the process works in-game


Don’t forget to add suggestions and post your comments! Have fun refining.

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Enriched elunium/oridecon has higher chances of refining successfully compared to normal elunium/oridecon, which is why it is better to use them together with blacksmith blessings.

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