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"May Odin be with you" High Priests ... and you

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========== "May Odin be with you" High Priests ... and you ==========


IGN: g c q, yandereQueen, Ghost Lead and many more; Special thanks to Connor ~

========== Overview ==========
High Priest is the main branch a Acolyte can choose if they are not going to be a Champion. Probably the most iconic supportive class, High Priests can reach the highest Heal values and cure the most abnormal status players can have. This guide will focus more on the play style and sort of Trivia knowledge, and just mention the more important gears to use. For a full list on common tank gears (that are not class specific), check out my Performer guide /wink ;p.


========== The Skills ==========

-- Values on the skills always be on max level of that skill, if not stated otherwise. --


First Class, Acolyte
al_ruwach.gif Ruwach (Lv 1) - Can reveal hidden enemies and deals a small amount of Holy damage when do so. (Can't reveal Chase Walk Stalkers)
al_teleport.gif Teleport (Lv 2) - On Level 1, teleport you randomly. On level 2, to the save point. You can select the level.
al_warp.gif Warp Portal (Lv 4) - Creates a Warp Portal on the ground, that teleport up to 8 people. On max level you can save up to 3 locations. [Use /memo on a map to set a location] Requires 1 Blue Gemstone.
al_pneuma.gif Pneuma (Lv 1) - Creates a shield that for a short time protects the surrounding area from long-range attacks. Can't be cast on a cell that has Safety Wall on it.
al_heal.gif Heal (Lv 10) - Restores targets HP. INT affects the amount, also Equipment that gives Heal Bonus. Can hurt Undead Property Enemies.
al_cure.gif Cure (Lv 1) - Heals abnormal status such as Silence, Confusion or Blind. [With Asteria Ring: Heals Deadly Poison]
al_holywater.gif Aqua Benedicta (Lv 1) - Creates Holy Water. Requires a Empty Bottle and you need to stand in Water or Deluge/Water Escape Technique.
al_incagi.gif Increase Agility (Lv 10) - Increases the Targets Movement Speed and ASPD. Drains 15HP from the caster. Cancels out Decrease Agility.
al_decagi.gif Decrease Agility (Lv 10) - Decreases Enemies Movement Speed and ASPD. Success rate affected by INT and Targets Mdef. Cancels out Increase Agility.
al_blessing.gif Blessing (Lv 10) - Increases Targets STR, DEX and INT. Cures Curse.
al_dp.gif Divine Protection (Lv 10) - Increases DEF by +30 against Demon and Undead monsters.
al_demonbane.gif Demon Bane (Lv 10) - Increase ATK by +30 against Demon and Undead monsters.
al_crucis.gif Signum Crucis (Lv 10) -Decreases the DEF of Undead and Ghost monsters on the screen. DEF reduction is  50%, Success rate depends on casters BaseLv and Targets Lv.
al_angelus.gif Angelus (Lv 10) - Increases DEF and VIT of the whole Party.
al_holylight.gif Holy Light (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill] Holy Property magic attack, Single Target.



Transcendent Class, High Priest
pr_kyrie.gif Kyrie Elesion (Lv 10) - Creates a Barrier for the Target, that blocks physical attacks. Lasts 2min if no attack comes in. Blocks 30% Max HP or 10 Hits. Gets over written by Assumptio.
pr_gloria.gif Gloria (Lv 5) - Increases LUK +30 for the whole Party.
pr_magnificat.gif Magnificat (Lv 5) - Doubles HP/SP recovery for the whole Party.
pr_benedictio.gif Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti (B.S.Sacramenti) (Lv 1) - Enchants Armor with Holy Property for all Party member on screen. Requires an Acolyte-Type class next to the caster on both sides. (Acolyte - you - Acolyte)
pr_slowpoison.gif Slow Poison (Lv 4) - Slows down the effect of Poison. Stops Poison effect and allows HP/SP recover. (doesn't cure it)
pr_strecovery.gif Status Recovery (Lv 1) - Cures abnormal status on Target: Frozen and Stone Curse.
hp_assumptio.gif Assumptio (Lv 5) - Incoming damage will be half on PVM maps, be reduced by 1/3 on PVP maps. Not usable in WoE. Gets over written by Kyie Elesion and Kaite. Does not reduce fixed damage as exp. Tarot.
pr_impositio.gif Impositio Manus (lv 5) - Increases ATK of the Target by +100, for 1 minute.
pr_suffragium.gif Suffragium (Lv 3) - Reduces Cast time of one skill by 45% for 10 seconds. Can't be casted on yourself.
pr_aspersio.gif Aspersio (Lv 5) - Enchants the Targets Weapon with Holy. Requires 1 Holy Water.
pr_macemastery.gif Mace Mastery (Lv 10) - Increase damage with Mace Weapons by ATK +30.
hp_manarecharge.gif Mana Recharge (Lv 5) - Reduces SP consumption of skills by -20%.
mg_srecovery.gif Increase SP Recovery (Lv 10) - Increases natural SP recovery by +30 SP every 10 seconds. Increases heal of SP items by 20% per skill Lv.
hp_meditatio.gif Meditatio (Lv 10 /varies) - Increases SP Recovery and Max SP, as well the amount Healed. Adds additional level on Blessing, Increase Agility and Decrease Agility (Lv 10 Blessing and Lv 5 Meditatio become Lv 15 Blessing). Healing boost is 11% per level.
all_resurrection.gif Resurrection (Lv 4) - Revive the Target with 80% of their max HP. Requires 1 Blue Gemstone. Damages Undead Property Enemies a lot.
pr_turnundead.gif Turn Undead (Lv 10) - Damages Undead Property Enemies, with the chance (max 70%) of instantly killing it. LUK and INT increase the chance.
pr_lexdivina.gif Lex Divina (Lv 10) - Silence an Enemy. Cancels Silence on a already silenced Target.
pr_lexaeterna.gif Lex Aeterna (Lv 1) - Target receive double damage from the next hitting attack. Won't affect Frozen or Stone Cursed enemies.
hp_basilica.gif Basilica (Lv 5) - Creates a Sanctuary (5x5 around caster) that prevents monsters from attacking everyone inside. Aggro monster will start idle, and you can't cast attacks inside or attack anyone. Ineffective for Boss monster. Can't be used in WoE. Casting it again will cancel it. Caster can't move or use other skills while it's active. Requires 1 Blue Gemstone, 1 Red Gemstone, 1 Yellow Gemstone and 1 Holy Water.
pr_magnus.gif Magnus Exorcismus (Lv 10) - Deals Holy damage to Demon monster and Undead Property Enemies on a Cross like AoE on the ground (7x7 around the set cast). Hits enemies in waves every 3 seconds (10 waves on Lv 10). Requires 1 Blue Gemstone.
pr_sanctuary.gif Sanctuary (Lv 10) - Creates a healing area on the ground (5x5), and heals everyone over time. Inflicts Holy damage Demon monsters and Undead Property Enemies. Can heal up to 13 targets at once. Can heal the Emperium in WoE. Requires 1 Blue Gemstone.
mg_safetywall.gif Safety Wall (Lv 10) - Creates a 1 cell barrier on the ground that protects from short range attacks. Protects from 11 hits. Can't be cast on Pneuma. Requires 1 Blue Gemstone.
pr_redemptio.gif Redemptio (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill] Self Sacrifice to resurrect every dead party member on the casters screen with 50% of their Max HP.
all_resurrection.gif Empathy (Lv 1) - Quest Skill, Enables to see the HP bar of friendly entities (such as Allies in WoE) outside of your own Party on the screen.


Commonly good skills to get in WoE:

al_pneuma.gif Pneuma, al_heal.gif Heal, al_incagi.gif Increase Agility, al_blessing.gif Blessing, al_decagi.gif Decrease Agility, al_ruwach.gif Ruwach, al_cure.gif Cure, al_holylight.gif Holy Light (good to cancel Enemies E-calls, if they not Holy Armor you)

pr_strecovery.gif Status Recovery, mg_safetywall.gif Safety Wall, pr_sanctuary.gif Sanctuary, pr_lexaeterna.gif Lex Aeterna, hp_meditatio.gif Meditatio, mg_srecovery.gif Increase SP Recovery, pr_aspersio.gif Aspersio, pr_impositio.gif Imposito Manus, hp_assumptio.gif Assumptio (even tho it can't be used inside the castles, you can buff it outside), pr_kyrie.gif Kyrie Elesion, pr_gloria.gif Gloria, pr_magnificat.gif Magnificat

Commonly good skills in PvM content:

al_pneuma.gif Pneuma, al_heal.gif Heal, al_incagi.gif Increase Agility, al_blessing.gif Blessing, al_cure.gif Cure, al_angelus.gif Angelus

pr_strecovery.gif Status Recovery, mg_safetywall.gif Safety Wall, pr_sanctuary.gif Sanctuary, pr_lexaeterna.gif Lex Aeterna, hp_meditatio.gif Meditatio, mg_srecovery.gif Increase SP Recovery, pr_aspersio.gif Aspersio (Optional, if your Killer needs it), pr_impositio.gif Imposito Manus, hp_assumptio.gif Assumptio, pr_kyrie.gif Kyrie Elesion (less frequent, Assumptio is mostly the better option), pr_gloria.gif Gloria, pr_magnificat.gif Magnificat, all_resurrection.gif Resurrection, pr_redemptio.gif Redemptio (Really depends on how fast you can cast it, in most cases Resurrect one by one is just faster, and damages you less)

pr_magnus.gif Magnus Exorcismus (if you wanna dish out some damage on Undead enemies, good for clearing weaker slaves)


Why not Mana Recharge?

hp_manarecharge.gif Mana Recharge itself sounds nice with its 20% reduction on skill, but the big downside to it is the requirements to get the skill. You need to have Demon Bane and Mace Mastery at lv10 in order to skill it. Loki has Job Level 120, but in my opinion it's not really worth it and you might be better off skilling other things like Magnus Exorcismus or Turn Undead. Beside that, you naturally get a pretty neat SP recovery (Especially if you skilled Increase SP Recovery).

========== Healing and you ==========

Heal it probably by far one of your most important skills to keep everyone alive if they took damage. So getting it on high values is mandatory. Per se, there isn't a real cap on how high your value can go. However you get limitations by gears you can use and stats to obtain.
The general formula for Heal is [((BaseLv + INT)/8) * (4+8*SkillLv)]. A lot of other factors can affect the Heal. For example, my Priest without any gears and Meditatio does 5.460.


Heal Cap
When skilled Meditatio, the heal does up to 11.466. Lets add some equipment, shall we? Equipping and VVVSHardened Mace (I will give details to the items down below), the Heal becomes 15.134. Adding Rima's Ribbon with 2 White Lady Cards (together Heal Potency bonus be 70%) on top of that makes it 23.636. You get the drill of it.
You can stack Heal Potency bonus' but there is a cap to it, 100%. Which means, for example White Lady Card (each give 30%), will stack with 4 pieces to 120%. 20% be wasted to nothing, so people usually go with 3 of them.
Some Heal Potency Bonus don't stack however. For example 3 White Lady (90%) + LWW (10%) give together 27.352. However, if we combo 3 White Lady (90%) with a VVVSHardened Mace (10%, also gives INT) we will get 28.168. Only a few items can get pass over the Heal cap, for example Diabolus Robe (6%), together with VVVSHmace and White Lady (all over be 106%), they reach 28.576.

But reaching the Heal Cap doesn't mean you still can't go higher, INT bonus (INT+Value) also affect the Heal number. Also, Item and Gear effects of your Target can increase your Heal on them. Regeneration Potion increases received Heal by 20%. Healed3 Orb from Cedi by 3%, Healer's Heart Hat by 15% and so on.
Tl;dr: There are different scripts that go into the Heal cap, which means some a few Items can go over it. In general INT helps to increase Heal past the cap.


Heal "Bombing"

Heal Bombing is the term for using Heal as attack on Undead Property Enemies. It will not heal them, but damage them. It is a handy technique to quick level up Acolytes or Priests, since Heal has a low ACD. In WoE it can also be useful because it can hurt Evil Druid Users.

How to do it: Hold "shift" and aim for a Target with Heal. Alternatively you can type "/ns" and active the [no shift] option.



Heal Walking and Animation Breaking
Every skill has an animation that plays when you use it. Even if your skill has no Cast Delay (or at least not that big that you would feel much of it), you still will be delayed by your animation.
You can break this delay tho and spam a skill faster. "Heal walking" is one way to do it, you break the animation of Heal by moving. It does need a lot of practice tho.
Note: I am not very good myself at "Heal Walk", so the example here isn't perfect at all. Also laggy.
Another, more easier way to archive the "break" is by getting hit from an enemy. You will be in the being attacked position, and have less delay on the spam (a similar thing do Creators if they want farm Herbs from Plant Cultivation). The only downside to this is, that you will receive damage, meaning you do need to be tanky to keep up with your party.
Note: Since the EU proxy went down the drain I am laggy, I apologize for that.


========== Curing Abnormal Status and you ==========

High Priests got several skills to cure many status effects, in PVP and PVM. Many status effects you can visually see, like Frozen Targets being in Ice (and not moving) or Cursed Targets having a Grim Reaper and walking slow. As side note; on a limited time sale we got the "Lovey Set" which allows you to use the Skills Lauda Ramus and Lauda Agnus, which can cure status too. For more detail on that check out the Equipment options down below.

Frozen; Stun - Status Recovery
Curse - Blessing
Stone Curse - Blessing, Status Recovery
Silence - Cure, Lex Divina
Blind; Confusion - Cure    
Poisoning - Slow Poison (doesn't cure it, but slows it's effect)
Critical Wounds; Deadly Poisoning  - Cure (with Asteria Ring)

However, Critical Wounds is a bit harder to notice, but also very important to heal. The easiest way to notice if, for example your Paladin friend got the status, is by communication or if you notice that your Heal does way less then before on him.
    What does Critical Wounds do?
It reduces the effectiveness of Heal, Sanctuary and Aid Potion on the Target by 20%*Lv of the Critical Wounds inflicted (A Card that inflicts the status would be for example Drake). It can be dodged by Safety Wall (if you get melee) or Pneuma (if range), or by having 100+ PD.


========== The Party and you ==========

A good party set up is important to make everyone's support Job easier. Not only do you see nicely when someone is about to kiss the floor when their HP goes red, you also can easily buff everyone with Magnificat, Gloria or the third job buffs, Clementia, Cantocandidus, Lauda Ramus and Lauda Agnus.

Since the party changed with the client, you can now drag and drop party members onto your screen. Simply right click on the name you want to drag, hold and put it out of the Party window on your screen. You can put them anywhere, where it is the most comfortable to you. This only works when the Lock is open (red on the screenshot).

Keeping the Lock closed is important too tho. When you are done arranging your party members (or you like the window style more keep that), you need to lock it, otherwise it can happen that you accidentally drag them around while being in action.
Another thing, why you need to keep the Lock closed is, that if you spam, for example Heal, you will keep getting the "Chat 1:1" option (a small chat box will appear). This will not happen when the Lock is closed.


Angelus is one of the three party wide buffs you get. It is mostly, if even, only used in PVM. In WoE/BG/PVP it isn't used here because it can increase the SDEF by a lot, which will make you a Thana-Bait.
    What is a Thana-Bait and why it is bad?
Thana-Bait means that you will take more damage from people that use Memory of Thanatos Card. Usually people with a lot VIT gain this as side effect, because also their Soft Defense (SDEF) increases. You can see if you are Thana-Bait by the numbers at your [Def], example 40+119, with 119 being the SDEF in this case. Usually a value till around ~110 is considered ok, more SDEF can start to hurt.


Back line Support
If your guild is defending and you don't have much people on the portal that need to be baby sit, you can stay in the back.
That way you can keep up important buffs, keep Pneuma up and get receive no damage (which will take one less damage source from the devotion Paladin, making his job easier).
Same idea can also apply in PvM, like Cedi and RDC. In most cases, your Tank (should) be ok on his own. To avoid being hit by AoE Curses (such as Dark Lord in Cedi), you can stay in the back.



========== Soul Linkers and you ==========

Even tho your benefit from a Soul Link isn't as crucial as, lets say a Performer has, it can still be pretty handy.

    sl_priest.gifWhat does the Soul Link do?
The "Priest Spirit" increases the damage of "Holy Light" by +400%, and also increases the SP cost for the skill by +400%. This can make Holy Light to deadly weapon. With decent Equipment you can kill people with it quit easily (or Monsters).
However, there a few downsides to that. It is more of an "Surprise" tactic. Mostly all Priests do play support, so most people don't expect you to attack, if your are not already infamous for that. And that's where the biggest downside comes in play. Once the enemy knows you might gonna attack them, they can either start wearing "Maya Card" to reflect your attack or simply just start wear an Holy Armor, making you miss them.
In conclusion, it's a handy side option to pick off people off guard (people with no shield like Sniper/Gunslinger, or a Breaker in breaking attempt), but personally I wouldn't recommend it as soley way to go.

Kaite is one of the main Buffs a Soul Linker can give. It reflects magical damage, but also Heal. You can't heal a Target that got buffed with Kaite.


========== Breakers and you ==========


High Priests play a very important role on defending castles in WoE, especially the Emperium. The Emperium is a Small, Angel "Monster" with Holy Property.
Your main job will be the keep the HP of the Emperium high or full, which you can archive by casting Sanctuary under it. If a Breaker attacks it, usually either a Assassin Cross, Sniper or Stalker, you commonly can stop him by Aspersio him. His attack will become Holy, therefor missing the Emperium.

-- Side note: on the old rro, Breakers commonly used the Berzerk effect of "Lord Knight Card" to boost their damage. However while in Berzerk, they can't use Skills or Itemsm which made them the perfect target of being Aspersio'ed. They couldn't change their Weapon Property, if they didn't got dispelled. Nowdays, LKC is a pretty rare card, so you will most likely not face that. --

However, Breakers (sometimes) are also smart. If they are using an "Evil Druide Card", their Property becomes Undead. You can't Aspersio them. The only solution to that is depending on who attacks and how the conditions are. If a Assassin or Stalker melee attacks, you can only spam Safety Wall on the Emperium to protect it. If a Sniper or Stalker attacks it with a Bow, use Pneuma. Both will not work tho if there is a Landprotector under the Emperium.
You can protect the Emperium with a Square of 4 Safety Walls. One Pneuma on it directly should be enough to protect it from range attacks.


If the Breaker starts to attack you while his Weapon is Holy Property you can also change your Armor to Holy. He will miss on you as well then. Alternatively you can get a PD set when defending the Emperium. For breaking they use simple Melee Crit lock, they will miss on you if they not use skills.
Killing a breaker can be difficult as a pure support, since you will be either busy Spam Safety Wall/Pneuma on Emperium or Aspersio to prevent as much damage as possible. Tho, if they are Undead Property, Turn Undead or simple Resurrection will hurt them a lot.

Picture down below shows the usage of a PD set to avoid damage from a Assassin Cross (who apparently has not much brain /jk).




========== Mora Items and you ==========

Mora Dailies is a neat little time killer, the coins used for the several NPCs in Mora can be obtained by doing some small tasks for them or doing the Mistwood instance.
A detailed view of all the items in Mora can be found here.

The most interesting one of the Priest items is probably the "Light of Cure", because it can be enchanted with Cure Lv1 - Highness Heal. Beside that the Mora NPCs also provide the "Affection" Set to improve Priests heal powers. NOTE: The Highness Heal will not be available as a stand-alone Skill. It will be an auto cast effect on yourself.
2864.gif Light of Cure [1] - VIT +2, INT +2, DEX +2, Increase Heal Potency +5%. (Possible Enchants include: INT +1/+2, Mdef +6, DEX +1/+2, VIT +1/+2, HP +500, ATK +2% and Cure Lv1)
  ab_highnessheal.gif Highness Heal (Lv5) - Doubles the healing amount of your Heal on Lv1.


========== Common Gears to use as High Priest ==========


I will here only list items that are directly usable as Priest, not general good tanking items or things everyone can use.

Headgear Options
Cash shop items, some might be sale only.

2226.gif Heaven's Glow [4] - DEX +15, INT +20, Adds +3Lv on Meditatio.
19750.gif Heavenly Ribbon [4] - All Stats +25, Movement speed +25%.
    Heavenly Combo: Enables the use of Cantocandidus Lv2 and Clementia Lv2 as Priest.
     ab_canto.gif Cantocandidus (Lv3) - Casts "Increase Agility "on the whole party, in a 7x7 AoE on Lv2.
     ab_clementia.gif Clementia (Lv3) - Casts "Blessing" on the whole party, in a 7x7 AoE on Lv2.
2226.gif Lovely Heart Cap [4] - DEX +20, INT +20, PD +5, Adds +3Lv on Meditatio, Decreases ACD by 5%.
2226.gif Lovely Angelic Wings [4] - All Stats +25, Movement speed +20%, Heal Potency +7%, Adds 1% chance on freezing enemy if being hit.
2226.gif Lovely Hearts [1] - All Stats +18, All Status Resist +10%, Increase Long-Range Resist +5%.
    Lovely Combo: Enables use of Lauda Agnus Lv2 and Lauda Ramus Lv2 as Priest, Demi Resist +5%.
     ab_laudaagnus.gif Lauda Agnus (Lv4) - Recovers whole Party from Freezing, Stone Curse, Blind, Burning, Cold and Deadly Poison with a success rate of 60%.
     ab_laudaramus.gif Lauda Ramus (Lv4) - Recovers whole Party from Silence, Sleep, Deep Sleep, Stun and Poison and Chaos with a success rate of 60%.
19962.gif Mitra [4] - All Stats +25, Holy damage +25%, Chance of casting Pneuma when being hit; If being Priest: Enables usage of Judex.
     ab_judex.gif Judex (Lv5) - Deals Holy Property damage on the Target and surrounding Enemies in a 3x3 AoE.
2226.gif Feather Ribbon [4]; Priest Doll [4]; Noah's Hat [4]; Chinese Knot [4]; Melting Heart Icecream [4] - DEX +15, INT +20, Adds +3Lv on Meditatio. (Dyna Upper can also be set with those effect)
2226.gif Scarlet Anglel Ears [1] - DEX +10, STR +10, AGI +10, VIT +15, Fire Resist +10%, Nullify Gemstone and Ninja Stone requirements for skills.


Non-Donor Items
19637.gif Priestly Nurse's Cap [2] - INT +15, Gives Assumptio AoE around the Target.
1550.gif Poring Book [1] - ASPD becomes 196, Weapon Attack becomes Holy, Increase Holy Property damage, Shadow Resist +10%, (As Priest) Gives your Heal an 7x7 AoE.
    Poring Priest Combo: Increase Heal Potency by 50%.

2226.gif Rima's Ribbon [2] - Increase Matk +5%, INT +5, Heal Potency +10%.
2226.gif Shrine Maiden Hat [2] - Damage with Mace Weapons +10%, Damage with Books +2,5%*refine rate; Refine +7: Chance of auto casting Heal on yourself with the Level you know it; Refine +9: Grants Heal AoE, Increase ATK by 4 for every 10 INT.
2226.gif Event Rose Eyepatch (White) [1] - Increase received healing by +15%, Increase Heal Potency +20%, Demi Resist +1%*2 refine, Chaos Immunity.
18580.gif Yggdrasil Crown [1] - Mdef +3, Increase received healing by +10%, Increase Heal Potency +5%; Refine +7: +5% Heal Potency; Refine +9: +5% Heal Potency.
2226.gif Rabbit Bonnet [1] - ACD of Heal -10%, Increase Heal Potency +20%.
2226.gif Rosen Headband [0] - Increase Heal Potency +10%, Usage of Cure Lv1, Reduce damage taken by 7%.
6913.gif Holy Ward [1] - Increase Heal Potency +10%.
2226.gif Large White Angelwing [1] - PD +10, Increase Heal Potency +10%, Decrease damage taken by 10%.
2226.gif Large Blue Angelwing [1] - Matk +10%, Ignores Enemies Mdef 10%, Nullify Gemstone requirements for skills.


Armor Options
2374.gif Diabolus Robe [1] - Max SP +150, Mdef +5, Reduces Cast Delay by 10%, Increase Heal Potency +6%. (Can be enchanted with Hidden Enchants)
2729.gif Diablous Ring [1] - Max HP +100, Max SP +100, Increase Heal Potency by 5%.
    Diablous Combo: Matk +3%, ATK +3%.


Weapon Options
NOTE: Acolytes can't equip any Dagger type weapon. They got access to Staffs/Rods, Books, Maces and Knuckle Type Weapons.

1525.gif Very Very Very Strong Hardened Steel Mace [0] - ATK +75%, INT +10, Increase Heal Potency +30%, Unbreakable.
1525.gif Long Mace [0] - Increase Weapon Range +3, Long Range Resist +10%.
1639.gif Rod [4] - Matk +5%. (Commonly used for the 4 slots.)
1639.gif Solid Rod [0] - Matk +15%, PD +10+(refine rate).
1523.gif Spike [0] / [2] - CRIT +40%; If VIT <=150: Decrease SDEF by 2/3, Otherwise by flat 100.
1565.gif Ledger of Death [2] - Matk +15%, STR +3, INT +3, LUK -20, Chance to cause Coma on Demi-Human enemies, ASPD Bonus depends on Weapons refine level.
1643.gif Darkwood Rod [3] - INT +3, Matk +15%, Gives Soul Strike and Holy Light a 3x3 AoE and 2 cell push back, you cannot be linked while using this item.
1643.gif Aaron's Rod [3] - INT +3, Heal Potency +5%, Matk +15%, ACD -0,5%*refine. (Specialty Bonus: Grants Kyrie Elesion of 10% Card Defense that lasts 15sec. (Card Defense reduces the effectiveness of card-based damage modifiers.)
1631.gif Vomars' Virga [3] - INT +5, Matk +10%, Increase Heal Potency +15%; If Gloria Lv5: +1Lv on Gloria; If you are Married: Heal Potency of Sanctuary +10%, Matk +5%.
1669.gif Thanatos Staff [2] - Matk +15%, INT +10, VIT +10, LUK -10, Ignores enemies Mdef by 1%*refine, Increase Heal Potency +10%, Magical attacks have chance to restore HP/SP, Drains 1000 HP every 10sec, Drains 1000 HP when unequipped.
1635.gif Battleground Weapons, Glorious Arc Wand [0], Strong Recovery Wand [1], Glorious Cure Wand [0] and, mainly Speedy Recovery Wand [0]. Together with the Battleground Enchants: Priestly 1, 2 and 3 (which increase Heal/Sanctuary Potency by 6%/2%, 12%/4%, 18%/6% respectively).
1631.gif Holy Stick [1] - Matk +15%, Reduces Casting time for Holy Light, Turn Undead and Magnus Exorcismus -25%.
2129.gif Exorcism Bible [0] - HP/SP Recovery +3%, INT +1.
    Exorcism Combo: Magnus Exorcismus damage +20%, Chance of auto casting Lv1 Turn Undead when receiving damage.


Shield Options
2162.gif Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.) [1] - Mdef +5, Increase Heal and Sanctuary Potency +5%, Chance of receiving "Odin's Power Lv2" (ATK/Matk +10%, DEF/Mdef -20) when attacking.


Accessory Options
2958.gif Asteria Ring [0] - Enables Cure to heal Deadly Poison and Critical Wounds. If Heal is known at Lv10, grants it an AoE of 3x3. If the Refines +3 or higher, the AoE becomes 5x5.
2677.gif Spiritual Ring [0] - INT +2, DEX +1.
2607.gif Clip [1] - SP +10.    OR    6913.gif Rosary [0] / [1] - LUK +1, Mdef +3.
    Spiritual Combo: Magnus Exorcismus damage +30%, Heal damage on Undead Property enemies +50%, SP Recovery +9%.


WoE Set
15048.gif WoE Robe [1] - Mdef +5, PD +10, Wind Resist +10%, Matk/ATK +5%; Refine +5: Increase recived healing by +15%; Refine +8: Max HP +20%, Matk/ATK + 5%.
2587.gif WoE Muffler [1] - Mdef +7, All Element Resist +1%*refine, Max HP/SP +1%*refine, Demi Resist 1%*2refines, Ignore elemental Resist by 1%*2refines.
2485.gif WoE Shoes [1] - Mdef +7, DEX +10, Max HP +1,5%*refine, Increase Movement Speed +10%, Reduce Melee damage by 1%*2refines.
    WoE Set Combo: Increase recived healing by 5%, Demi Resist +20%, Increase physical and magical damage on Demi +10%.


Card Options
card.gif White Lady Card (Bacsojin Card) - Increase Heal, Sanctuary and Aid Potion Potency by +30%, Increase SP consumption +15%.
card.gif Rhyncho Card - Heal Potency +3%, Increase SP consumption +5%.
card.gif Lif Card - Increase Heal Potency +4%.
card.gif Mogwai Card - Gives Lex Aeterna an AoE of 3x3 around the Target.
card.gif Cookie Card - LUK +2, Holy Light damage +10%.
card.gif Poring Priest Card - Enchants your Armor with Holy. Chance of changing attacking enemy Attack to Holy Property for 3sec.
card.gif Angeling Card - Enchants your Armor with Holy.
card.gif Mistress Card - Nullify Gemstone requirements for skills, Increase SP consumption +25%.
card.gif Aenbharr Card - Increase Holy damage +10%, Decrease Heal and Aid Potion Potency by -7%.
card.gif Stalwart Sentinel Card - Increase Holy damage +3%, Grants Holy Cross Lv3.
card.gif Saint Trofimena Card - ACD -7%, Grants "Sanctuary Power" at a rate of (INT/5)%. Increase Sanctuary Heal Potency by "Sanctuary Power" rate%.
    Sanctuary Power: All Players will be buffed with "Increase Agility" and "Blessing" (at the Lv you know) if they step into your Sanctuary.

card.gif Kiel-D-01 - Reduces ACD -30%.

7447.gif Heal3 Orb - Increase Heal Potency +3% (Enchant for cedi items, expect GO-set and Wings)



========== Gear Set Examples and you ==========

Note: Currently I am not maining my High Priest, beside doing some supportive stuff in instances. So the more WoE Oriented suggestions aren't optimal carded.

Left Image: Example for a tanky Demi-Resist set up, Cure of Light can we switched for Asteria for the AoE Heal.
Right Image: PD Focused set for facing Crit lock (mostly SinX). LWW with Gemini-S58 Card. NOTE: Gloria is active, Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee is active.

Example for PVM, supporting in instances such as RDC or Cedi. Tho, frankly, if your team is good and knows what it does, you not really need "special" items for such stuff. Just be prepared in case the world goes down and you need to do more then Buff and the Heal here and there. LWW here with Mistress Card.
NOTE: on stats for PvM, non-donor item areas, if you are switching from donor items, make sure you got enough DEX for the instant cast. 😜


Example for high Heal focused. NOTE: Blessing is active. Also, Bible of Promise, Light of Cure and Diablous Ring don't matter much in adding up the heal number. The only thing that would increase it now be Regeneration Potion and INT increasing items/gears.


========== Conclusion ==========

High Priest is a highly demanded support class for all their buffs and Heal abilities, tho for most people it can be a boring experience, since you mostly just sit there and watch other people do the killing. So kinda need to be the "support" player to keep on enjoying playing it.
Furthermore, people tend to keep pushing the blame on you if they die. But don't worry too much about it, if you know you did a decent job (and not stand there like a afk-bot or put wrong Buffs everywhere). And also, it can be a satisfying feeling when your team wins or holds the castles because of a decent support. :3


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