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Escape the Room: Sniper Guide

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As Sniper


Escape the Room is a part of the quests in the Royal Dispatch Operations Tier 4. For more information you may check out the post here: https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/1212-new-royal-operations-emperors-assassination-escape-the-room-and-demonbusters/



·   Completion of RDC Tier 1-3

·   Party of 5-8 members

·   3 Operation tickets per party member


         Having a complete party is recommended for the quest

·   Snipers as hitter

·   Professor or Paladin as tank

·   High Priest for buffs and status recovery

·   Whitesmith for buffs and weapon repair



          For Snipers:

STR – 100-150 Enough to carry arrows, potions, and loots

AGI – 100-120 Enough to read 196 ASPD, remember you have sniper buffs, be sure to factor it in

VIT – 81-100 Enough for defense and for Gemini –S58 to effect

INT – 100-150 Enough for defense against magic attacks

DEX – 255 Max, the more the better, as this is where your damage comes from






Note: If you put anti-sleep in upper don’t put in mid and lower






*Do not wear accessories that casts Tarot Card of Fate, one time the boss was teleported to another room and we could no longer finish the quest, I believe this has now been fixed



  • Yggdrasil Berry – For Hp regen
  • Blue Potions – For Sp regen
  • Stone Quiver - At least 10
  • Abrasive – If you have, to add crit
  • Yggdrasil Leaf - To resurrect party-mates
  • Reraise Potion



Red indicates the spawn point. Yellow indicates the crystals you must find and Blue is the final crystal where the boss spawns.

How To’s:

For this quest you must find the Crystals and defeat the Boss. Yes, it is that simple. You and your friends are lost in the maze and need to find the crystals to get out. The maze is confusing because there are a lot of portals to enter and you can easily get lost.


1. Finding the Crystals - To get crystals simply click on it to activate the dialogue. There are 4 in total to find. You may choose to assign only one party member to look for the crystals, or you can all go together ❤️


Portal Directions:

For Party Leader (or the one assigned to look for the crystals)

From the Start> Right> Left> Up> Up> Down> Right> Left> Left> Up> Down> Down> Down


2. Get out of the Maze - go to the last room, where the MVP spawns.

For the rest of the Party

From the Start> Right> Up> Down> Down> Down

Note: Ignore the cute and annoying mobs, killing them is pointless as it just takes time.

3. Speak to the last CrystalBefore the boss spawns the whole party must be at the last room and the party leader must speak to the last crystal.


4. Defeat the MVP – employ all means necessary to kill it and claim the prize! As a party, the strategy recommended is to have your Tank distract the MVP while the other members hit and others provide backup. 




  • Better to have Full Chemical Protection from Biochemist as equipment do tend to break, other-wise bring a Whitesmith or Weapon Repair Scroll
  • It is also good to bring a high priest to cast status recovery on party members
  • Stay awake, bring nightmare card and coffee :P
  • If you miss, cast True Sight and wear Pragmatist Mail



  • Costume: There is… Something…


  • Ghostly Moss
  • Holy Celestial Axe


  • Erebus’ Curse


  • Bagh Nakh


  • Elemental Converters, Food Box and Etc. 


Special thanks to my friends for helping me run RDC quests. Thanks to Zach who keeps tabs of which portals to take. Thanks also to those who helped in writing this guide ;). Comments, suggestions, and clarifications are welcome. Have fun! 


Ign: Wafflewich, Breadpan, Yummy, etc.


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+20 alone for those perfectly balanced states. lol

On a more serious note, nice guide. :3 Teach me how to tank Seth next please qq

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