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RDC Tier 2 - Calling Bishop Hibram

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RDC Tier 2 - Calling Bishop Hibram

Class : Star Gladiator (aka Taekwon Master)


To access Calling Bishop Hibram, you need to have finished all the RDC Tier 1 Quest.


Your mission here is to find Fallen Bishop Hibram and kill it.


  • Headgear Upper - Drooping Amistr. Adds a chance to life steal your physical damage.
  • Headgear Middle - Vindicated Feather[1]. Gives immunity to curse. Put Orc Hero Card for Immune to Stun.
  • Headgear Lower - Hip Ribbon (+10% Boss resist). Or Backpacks from Heroic Shop. Or Orange/Black Tie - If ties gets fixed and working on legit again.
  • Armor - Great Demon Robes[1] (Shadow Armor element). Will make the Dark Strike of Banshee mob misses. Put Gloom Under Night Card.
  • Weapon - +7~+10 Heart Book. Gives AOE damage, ignore def and double atk. Much better than a Bapho carded weapon.
  • Shield - +4~+10 Valkyrie Shield[1]. Put Alice Card. Gives 40% less damage from Boss Monster
  • Garment/Cloak - +4~+10 Great Demon Shroud[1]. Or +9~+10 Heroic Backpack[1]. Put Deviling Card. To lessen the physical damage of monster.
  • Shoes - +4~+10 Ebony Greaves[1]. Put Moonlight Flower Card. For faster walking.
  • Accessory - 2 Recondite Ring[1]. Put 1 Ifrit Card on each. Or Hardened Anvil Card on each.
  • Usable - Yggdrasil Berry/Seed. Bring this in case of emergency. Panacea or Royal Jelly to cure Silence.


  • Leap
  • Flying Side Kick
  • Solar, Lunar and Stellar Opposition (aka Hatred) Cast this on Fallen Bishop Hibram. Hit the mobs first so that you will have a clearer view of FBH.

While Killing FBH

When you find FBH and kill the first one, it will spawn another 12+ FBH. So be so to click it fast so the your life steal will trigger more.
Watch out also the HP of your first target because when it dies you need to click another target to keep on attacking. You can just spam click on those bunch of FBH.


Avoid killing the Banshees while you are looking for FBH. Those Banshee are Hydra members "Cut off 1 head and 2 more shall take its place. Hail! HYDRA" \o/

You can bring alt char for buffs. Well since the minimum Members to start this quest is 3, better use a more useful chars like High Priest and Whitesmith for Buffs purpose.

The status of my SG is shown in the Video. Sorry for the bad/low quality, its just a free screen recorder.

Other Build for this quest



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