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RDC Tier 3 - Taste The Rainbow

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<----- RDC Tier 3 - Taste The Rainbow ----->

Classes : Sniper, Professor, High Priest and Soul Linker


To access Taste The Rainbow you need to have finished all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Quests.


Your mission here is to kill the Rainbowring. I know its so cute and why should we kill this colorful monster.
Well it gives a chance to get Rainbow Sash when you finish the Quest. This sash doesn't work like Fable Silk tho.

Character and Equipment:

Get atleast 2 ~ 3 Sniper for faster run.


  • Headgear Upper - Drooping Amistr. For me this is the best choice since it has Life Steal. Rainbowring tends to cast this AOE skill that hits Snipers also.
  • Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing Red (LRW). Since we doing critical build Sniper, this is the best choice. Put Evil Snake Lord Card (You can farm ESL card in MVP Room Sigma)
  • Headgear Lower - Pirate Dagger. Or Backpacks from Heroic Shop. Or Orange/Black Tie (If this gets fixed and work in Legit are again)
  • Armor - Preferably, Sniping Suit[1]. Since it gives more Critical Rate. Put Evil Druid Card (This prevents you from freeze and stone curse, but be sure not to Die, because Resurrection won't work on you while wearing this armor) 
  • Weapon - +7~+10 Goblin Bow[1]. Put 1 Turtle General Card and 1 Abysmal Knight Card.
  • Garment/Cloak - +4~+10 Great Demon Shroud[1]. Or +9~+10 Heroic Backpack. Put Anunaki Card (gives more critical damage)
  • Shoes - +4~+10 Ebony Greaves[1], Or Fey Boots[1]. Put Ascendant Orc Card.
  • Accessory - 2 Recondite Ring. Put 1 Implosion Card on each.
  • Arrow - Bring all kind of Arrow Quivers. Atleast 30~35 each of the elements.


This character will be tanking Rainbowring so atleast achieve a 99 DEF to lessen the physical damage taken. And use Sense on Rainbowring to know its Armor Element.

  • Headgear Upper - +9~+10 Elunium Mask
  • Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing White (LWW). Put Mistress Card.
  • Headgear Lower - Any lower that gives more Hard DEF. In my case I use Flying Devil.
  • Armor - +9~+10 Elunium Breastplate
  • Weapon - Keris. with a +Def enchant, preferably +8 to +12 DEF.
  • Shield - +9~+10 Elunium Shield
  • Shoes - +9~+10 Elunium Greaves
  • Accessory - 2 +5 Topaz Ring. Or 1 Clip-on Fringe and 1 +5 Topaz Ring. Clip-on Fringe can autocast Heal when being hit, very helpful.

Soul Linker:

I only use this character to buff my tanker with Kaahi. Because Kaahi heals the char when being hit at the cost of its SP.

  • Headgear Upper - Queen's Bells (@id 52694)
  • Armor - Any slotted armor. Put Marc Card.

High Priest:

This character is for buffing Increase Agility, Blessing and Impositio Manus. Be sure thats its immune to status ailment and freeze.

  • Headgear Upper - Queen's Bels (@id 52694). Put Mistress Card
  • Armor - Any slotted armor. Put Marc Card

While Killing Rainbowring

When Rainbowring is down to its 10% HP it will heal up and his/her HP will become 100% again. You just need to keep hitting it again and will die after that. Be sure to bring lots of Arrow Quivers.

Bring all kind of Arrow Quiver because Rainbowring changes his/her element. Thats why I use professor for tanking since it has Monster Info skill (Sense).

Its best to play with friends than soloing it.

If you've watch the Video you'll notice that I failed meself by clicking tons of arrow quiver. it made me 90% overweight. Which won't allow me to attack or use skill.

Be sure not to make the same mistake :3

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Nice guide! :3 Rainbowring will only cast Stone Curse or Full Heal itself if it is in attacking range of someone. When it get's to ~20% HP, have your snipers position themselves opposite of each other and get your tanker to move off screen. This forces Rainbowring to pick one of the Snipers to slowly move towards as the hit-lock make it walk very slow.When Rainbowring approaches one of the snipers, have them re-position again as far away as they can while still being able to hit. Keeping it hit-locked like this + being outside of its melee range means it won't Full Heal. You can also use some Ankle Snares to help you position for the last 15-20%.

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Im not sure if Creeper Bow or Spider Web still works to hold him.
So i didnt add it. We used to Spider Web it when its down to 10~20% and Tanker leaves it there. But now it still moves even when Spider Web.

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