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[2019-11-15] Hot Patch

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Greetings everyone,

During this hot patch we have done the following:

Halloween Event

  • Upon entering a map with a Rift you will be notified on when the Abyss Rift will respawn. If you don't see any message it means that the Rift is active OR the treasure chest hasn't disappeared yet.
  • When completing an Abyss Rift or Depth there will now be a 30 minutes cooldown until you can start the next one. The delay affects the whole account and it depends on the difficulty (if you complete Easy, you will have 30 minutes cooldown on easy but not on the other modes, until you complete them too)

Other Fixes

  • "No Delay Protection" shall no longer ignore some skills or mark some others as nodelay. Improvements shall be noticeable during gameplay.
  • Erebus Curse is now available for Socket Enchanting.
  • The Swordsman job change quest now gives the correct version of Immortal Stew (Issue #89).
  • Anti-Material Blast skill given by the Feline Set is now available to Gunslingers only, as intended (issue #85)
  • Hunter Fly Card now correctly gives the chance to drain HP when attacking (issue #80)
  • Lex Divina casted by Seth's Pride now correctly gets casted on the attackers and not on the wearer (issue #93)

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