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[2019-11-27] Pre-Black Friday Event Day 3 (Double Donor Box and Amberknight Event)

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Greetings my beloved players!

Welcome to day 3 of our pre-sale event~ Leading up to Black Friday, each day will have different limited items until Black Friday which will mark the start of the official sales!

From now until the last day of pre-sale enjoy a chance of owning Guaranteed Safe Refine Ticket!

Guaranteed Safe Refine Ticket allows your equipment to advance 1 level in refine with 100% success chance no matter what level your armor or weapon is!

During this event we will be returning our old Amberknight sets for a limited time:

On the third day, the top prizes are:

1 - Heroic Back Scythe

  • All stats +33.
  • Increase damage to Shadow, Ghost and Undead by 15%.
  • Chance to cast Elemental Shield on yourself (for 3 seconds) when receiving damage.

2- Angel of Kindness

  • All Stats +25.
  • If worn by a Female Character: Resistance to Holy +15%.
  • If worn by a Male Character: Resistance to Poison +15%.
  • Immunity to Chaos.

3- Angel of Love

  • All Stats +25.
  • Increase Healing potency by 10%.
  • Increase the effectiveness of Condensed Potions by 10%.
  • Immunity to Coma.

4- Celestial Veil

  • All Stats +25.
  • Increases damage done by Misc Skills by 10%.
  • Chance to nullify consumption of ammunition/catalysts.

To know more, you can also check the original thread:

Along with this Amberknight set and Guaranteed Safe Refine Ticket you might also find:

Divinity Helm (currently only available from Donor Box)


  • Recolorable
  • Slots: 4
  • Equips on: Upper
  • All Stats +25.
  • Resistance to Wind +5%.
  • Resistance to Earth +5%.

Set Bonus: Divinity Helm, Divinity Wings

  • Additional Wind Resistance +10%.
  • Additional Earth Resistance +10%.

Divinity Wings (currently only available from Donor Box)


  • Recolorable
  • Slots: 4
  • Equips on: Middle
  • All Stats +25.
  • Movement Speed +25%.

Set Bonus: Divinity Helm, Divinity Wings

  • Additional Wind Resistance +10%.
  • Additional Earth Resistance +10%.

(Thanks Wiki contributors for the pictures!)

That's it for the top prizes in Day 3!


We will see you tomorrow again for the last day of the pre Black Friday Event!

Stay tuned for a new Amberknight set and the Black Friday Sales coming up this week-end!

Have fun rolling~

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