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Valentine's Event 2018

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Happy Valentine's Day my Shining Diamonds!

I hope all of you get to spend time with your loved one or simply get the chance to meet someone special on this very lovely day.

And to help kick off this beautiful day we of the GM Staff have created our very first Valentine's Event (ironically it's our very first event ever on RevivalRO)! 

So to participate in this event here’s a brief introduction~

Its that time of the year again and Cupid is beat! With so much matchmaking to be done, he hasn’t quite found time to make his own match yet and boy does he want to. Normally god’s aren’t supposed to fraternize with human’s, but he just can’t seem to help himself for the first time in his long life he’s met a very special lady named Psyche. She's like no other human he's ever met before and to show her how much she means to him he’s decides he needed to do something just as special for her. So instead of using his magical arrows, he’s decided to romance her the old fashioned way by giving her chocolates and asking her to be his Valentine's.

The only problem is Cupid is so busy making others lovey dovey, he simply does not have the time to make chocolates of his own. He needs your help to make this chocolate while he does his duties and will reward you plentiful for your help, but don’t worry Cupid’s long time helper Tomson will help you make it so your not on your own and he’ll even pass down his long time recipe to you. All you have to do is gather the ingredients from the love monsters that only gather around the world once every couple of years. Just be careful Tomson has a nasty habit of eating when he’s sad since Valentine’s day is always a lonely one for him, he might very well eat your chocolate before you can give it to Cupid and get your reward.



  1. Talk to Cupid located at Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard (Prontera): 155 285, he'll tell you about the chocolate recipe and ask you to visit Tomson in Jawaii’s Bar 192 215 located at Inside Jawaii(jawaii_in): 13 117.
  2. Speak to Tomson and he’ll tell you about the love monsters and the recipe required. 
  3. He’ll then ask you to farm the ingredients and bring them back to him.
  4. If successful, he'll provide you with the chocolate.
  5. You can then bring the chocolate to Cupid and collect your reward.


Chocolate Recipes:

Event (Milk) Chocolate

  • 4 Milk
  • 4 Cacao
  • 3 Honey
  • 2 Love Fluff
  • 2 Love Heart
  • 2 Love Fabric
  • 2 Love Steel
  • 2 Love Silk

Event White Chocolate

  • 1 Milk
  • 2 Cacao
  • 3  Honey
  • 3 White Dyestuff
  • 7 Love Fluff
  • 7 Love Heart
  • 7 Love Fabric
  • 7 Love Steel
  • 7 Love Silk

Event Strawberry Chocolate

  • 3 Milk
  • 3 Cacao
  • 4 Honey
  • 15 Strawberry
  • 4 Love Fluff
  • 4 Love Heart
  • 4 Love Fabric
  • 4 Love Steel
  • 4 Love Silk



Valentine’s Goodie Bag (2018) #1

  • Cupid Egg - ID: 41060
  • Heartring Egg - ID: 51946
  • I Love You Firecracker - ID: 14546
  • Event Point Coin - ID: 52519
  • Hand-made Chocolate - ID: 529
  • Handmade White Chocolate - ID: 560
  • Box 'o' Cuddles - ID: 52080
  • Gent Hat - ID: 51947
  • Valentine's Topper - ID: 51948
  • Cupid's Harp - ID: 51952
  • Rose piece - ID: 41057
  • Heart Ring - ID: 41056
  • Valentine's Rose - ID: 51944
  • Love Bunny Band - ID: 41703
  • Mini Love Clips - ID: 41704
  • Choco Love Hat - ID: 43073
  • Spinning Hearts - ID: 43081
  • Valentine's Cap - ID: 51235
  • Valentine's Hairpin - ID: 51237
  • Valentine's Blush - ID: 51236
  • Frilled Flower Band - ID: 51175
  • Frilled Flower Robe - ID: 51205
  • Frilled Flower Bow - ID: 51185
  • Twin Butterflies - ID: 51225

Valentine's Goodie Bag #2 (items added to the original)

  • Kitten Love - ID: 22920
  • Rosen Headband - ID: 22921
  • Valentine’s Balloon - ID: 22922


New Event Items:


Kitten Love [0]
Lower Headgear
Des: A loving kitten that’s attached itself to your neck.

  • Resistance to Silence and Blind by 50%
  • 10% water resist
  • Has a small chance to drop “Chocolate Drink” when killing water type monsters.


Rosen Headband.gif

Rosen Headband [2]
Upper Headgear
Des: Roses are red, SP is blue, I love you. Do you love me too? 

  • Increase healing potency (Items and skill) By 10%
  • Grants the use of cure (level 1)
  • Decrease damage received from all sources by 7%



Valentine’s Balloon [1]
Middle Headgear
Des: The cutest floating display of your love and affection towards your valentine.

  • Increases damage against non demi human monsters by 5%
  • Additional Movement speed + 7%
  • If worn by a married couple, Both get additional HP and SP +5%


Every hour on the hour that the event is on going, in a random map in Rune midgard about 150-250 event monster will spawn. The spawned monsters will be in the form of a Heartring and will be called “Event Heartring”. Each event monster will drop one chocolate ingredient (Love item which is required in Cupid/Tomson’s Recipe).

This quest is repeatable and can be done as many times as you like, but the bags will be untradeable.

The event will also end on the 28th so make sure you don't miss out!!

Good luck out there and we hope you all enjoy,
The RevivalRO Staff

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