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Daily Christmas Advent Event

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Hohoho~ greetings humans, it's me, Santa Claus. Nebula who? I don't know them.


Christmas is coming up and I heard that miss Kristal Kringle in Lutie (250, 121) needs help to prepare for the holidays.

Check the Sugar Rush thread for more info:


  • Help her daily!
  • After completing her task, come talk to me at Lutie 198, 244 to receive your daily reward!

Every day has a different reward, so come back to this thread daily to know what you're gonna receive for the day, or just find out yourself in game~

Note: you need to complete the rewards of the previous day in order to receive the ones in the current day.
Which means, if you start the event 3 days late you're gonna receive the day 1 reward and not the day 3 one. Don't worry though! If you skip a day, you will be able to continue it the following day without resets!

  • Day 1: 15x Pancakes
  • Day 2: 3x Battle Manuals
  • Day 3: 5x Christmas Gift (2019)
  • Day 4: 3x Bubblegum
  • Day 5: 5x Mystical Card Album
  • Day 6: 3x RDC Tags
  • Day 7: 10x Mining Points
  • Day 8: 1x Token of Siegfried Box
  • Day 9: 7x Blacksmith Blessings
  • Day 10: Random Red Cedi Orb
  • Day 11: 5x Piece of Paradise
  • Day 12: 10x Vote/Community Point
  • Day 13: 1x Enriched Oridecon Box (10)
  • Day 14: 10x Blacksmith Blessing
  • Day 15: Random Blue Cedi Orb
  • Day 16: 1x Enriched Elunium Box
  • Day 17: Character Storage Ticket
  • Day 18: 5x Event Points
  • Day 19: 1x Cursed Old Chest
  • Day 20: 1x Amber Pearl
  • Day 21: 1x Hat Roulette Token
  • Day 22: VIP Subcription (10 Days)
  • Day 23: 1x Bloody Card Album
  • Day 24: 1x Inventory Extension Coupon
  • Day 25: 1x Costume: Fawn Ears + 10x Christmas Gift (2019)

Stay tuned for another Christmas event coming up soon~

Have fun and be good starlights... I mean, hohoho~

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