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Revival's Second Anniversary Event

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Hello earthlings,

This January 17th Revival turned 2 years old, and to celebrate we're bringing back last year's anniversary event, with some slight changes!

The event will go on until February 23rd.

Check out last year's thread for the mechanics and the rewards:

Changes to the event

  • The cooldown of the instance is 12 hours.
  • The NPC will now say the amount of time left on your cooldown
  • You now need to be in a party of at least three members to start the instance.
  • The equipment and new items obtainable from the event have a slightly higher chance to appear.
  • Boosted amounts of monsters in the first and second map


  • Race is now DEMON instead of Undead.
  • Element is now Shadow (3) instead of Undead (1).
  • Max HP is 35 million instead of 15 million.
  • INT was increased to 250.
  • Vanna now also casts Close Confine.

New Items

Ghoul Egg

  • Food: Piece of Brain (ID 43025)
  • Effect: when Loyal
    • Increases damage to Undead, Demon, and Beast race by 5%.
    • Increases damage when using Neutral, Holy, and Shadow property by 5%.
    • Resistance to Boss monsters increased by 3%.
  • Restrictions: None

Lumiere Shield

  • Equips on: Shield
  • Slots: 1
  • Weight: 175
  • Defense: 5
  • Required Level: 100
  • Jobs: All Jobs
  • Effect:
    • If base STR is higher than base INT, increases Magic resistance by 20%.
    • If base INT is higher than base STR, increases Physical resistance by 20%.
    • If base INT and STR are equal, increases Miscellaneous Resistance by 15%.
    • Reduces ATK, MATK and Movement Speed by 7%.
    • Flee and perfect dodge -10
  • Required Level: 100
  • Restrictions: None

Costume: Anniversary Hat


  • Equips on: Upper

We hope you enjoy the event and have fun on Revival!

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I tried using a 100% water resist build while killing vanna [using leaf cats, marse card etc etc] but once i am inside, i've only got 20% water resistance, despite using a 100% water resistance gear/setup... Is this suppose to be? Or am i missing something here?

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