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Valentine’s Day event 2018 Guide and Headgear/Lower/Middle List

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                                   Heartring.gif Valentine's Day Event 2018 Guide and Headgear/Middle/Lower List:-Heartring.gif

I know there is already one of this on forums,But lets just optimize it for your better understanding.

1)Start off by finding Cupid at Prontera Coords (155,282).

Agree with him until he says J0R8NUu.jpg

2)Then warp your self to Jawai and move on to Coords (191,220)fk6Guxn.jpg

enter the warp,As soon as you enter the warp it takes you to Bar where you will be greeted by some sexy Women.jl7nBMm.jpg.

Well ain't got time for that sweetie,I'm sorry.

3)Head to north,You will see a bridge in the center of the building5Jttktv.jpg

Head north_east,Until you see Npc named "Tomson"DacwcIH.jpg.

4)Talk to him,He will tell you to collect requirements based on what Chocolate that you choose.

Chocolate Recipes:

Event (Milk) Chocolate(1 Valentine's Goodie Bag)
1 Milk
4 Cocoa7182.gif
3 Honey518.gif
2 Love Fluff914.gif
2 Love Heart929.gif
2 Love Fabric1059.gif
2 Love Steel999.gif
2 Love Silk7166.gif

Event White Chocolate(2-3 Valentine's Goodie Bags)
1 Milk
2 Cocoa7182.gif
3  Honey518.gif
3 White Dyestuff982.gif
7 Love Fluff914.gif
7 Love Heart929.gif
7 Love Fabric1059.gif
7 Love Steel999.gif
7 Love Silk7166.gif

Event Strawberry Chocolate(1-2 Valentine's Goodie Bags)
3 Milk
3 Cocoa7182.gif
4 Honey518.gif
15 Strawberry578.gif
4 Love Fluff914.gif
4 Love Heart929.gif
4 Love Fabric1059.gif
4 Love Steel999.gif
4 Love Silk7166.gif

You can actually buy them from players,For most of you who don't know where to get them check this out,

Might be helpful in preventing you from being scammed.

1)Honey can be brought via Pet Shop Npc at Mall Coords(128,57).


2)Milk can be brought via Milk Rancher at Prontera Coords (75,134).


  There are also many other Milk Ranchers out there,Here is the list for them.

1 Vendor from Milk Ranch hugel (105, 169)    
2 Vendor from Milk Ranch izlude (105, 92)    
3 Vendor from Milk Ranch lighthalzen (220, 122)    
4 Vendor from Milk Ranch moscovia (199, 110)    
5 Vendor from Milk Ranch prontera (73, 134)


3)Cacao7182.gif is dropped by Yoyo1234.gif from Prontera_Field_03.


4)Love Items are Dropped by HeartringsHeartring.gif,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server.

They look like this wMUi1cA.jpg Heartring.gif

5)White Dyestuffs982.gif can be quested.Dye Maker is located at Morroc_In (146,99) get him the requirements necessary to make the Dye,He will make it for you.

To make White Dye it requires

1)509.gif30 x White Herbs

2)973.gif1 x Counter Agent

3)713.gif1 x Empty Bottle

4)3000 zeny.

6)Strawberries578.gif can be farmed from Yoyo1234.gif(Prontera_Field03) Or Coco1104.gif(Geffen_Field02).

5)Bring him the requirements(Trading 1 by 1 is preferred) and come back and talk to him again,He will handle you over the Chocolate,Here there is a chance of failure as he would eat away Chocolates and you will loose your materials,So better be prepared with enough sets of requirements.

6)Luckily if you managed to get one then head back to Cupid WeYzAt5.jpg

He will handle you over his Valentine's Goodie Bag in return of Chocolate.3S3u1IV.jpg


Here is the list of items that you can get from Valentine's Goodie Bag.

Note:You can get Love items from Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server.



1)Love Bunny Band:


2)Frilled Flower Band:


3)Rose Piece:


4)Heart Ring:


5)Valentine's Topper:


6)Valentine's Cap:


7)Gent Hat:


8)Choco Love Hat(2015):



1)Twin Butterflies:


2)Spinning Hearts(2015):


3)Frilled Flower Robe:


4)Valentine's Hairpin:






1)Frilled Flower Bow:


2)Valentine's Blush:



1)Cupid Egg:


2)Heartring Egg:


If anything is missing,Let me Know @Tommy  also my Ign is Tommy,Also Hats off to my buddies @Phinky,Kendra,Alleyne,Bambino,Gcq for sponsoring these sprites couldn't have possibly done this without them.

Also don't forget to check out the Cash Shop for Limited Edition Items.



This event will last for 2weeks,So make sure you get everything that you needed.Thank you.

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I got 600 sets of love items, is that enough to make all of these gears? Thanks

And the difference of each chocolates? Do they give same chances of getting boxes? Or each is specific to a head gear part?

Edited by JonSnow

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7 minutes ago, Daemon said:

I hope they'll also have a Valentine Exchanger NPC since stuff is piling up real fast ><

Yes. That's what I am hoping for.

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