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Leah's Buying and Selling Shop

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Leah's Buy and Sell




Selling Items:

*Ranked Pots*

Ranked Slim Potions?? 30,000 pieces = 50m / 20,000 pieces = 34m / 10,000 pieces = 17m

Ranked Blue Potions?? offering my service, your 1,000 blue herbs = 5m Service Charge (don't worry no limits)



*Cedi Loots*

7x  Antiquated Shield

2x  Pragmatists Mail

2x  Ebony Greaves

1x  Caliginous Cloak

1x  Resplendent Ring

6x Poised Cloak

4x Tenebrous Boots

1x Variegated Vest

*Head Gears*

Drooping Tortoise [1]

Spash Hat [2]


1x  Dark Illusion Card

2x Arch Angeling Card

1x Gemini Card


7x  Event Point Coin



Blue Herbs in bulk 3k ea

Contact me In Game : Leah/Juliet

Discord : Leah #7251


:xThankies  :x



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