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Stalker build for a 30K DS dmg help needed

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Hello guys!!~

Hades here...

I’m trying to get better with my gears, so here’s what I have so far;


drooping Randgris [4]

1 Dark ping 2 Duneyrr 1 Marduk

ballon party [4]

1 ESL 1 Orc hero 2 gemini

Red necktie

1 maya purple

+10 Spec bow

1 incant samurai Orc skel

V.vest armour / GoH

1 Tao gunka /




1 dragon tail card

2 Recon ring

2 implosion card



DS / FSK stalker type

Need to upgrade my gears to its best dmg possible

pvp/woe focused. ATK/RESIST

budged is unknown.





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On 15/03/2018 at 4:25 AM, F r a b e n said:

Do you want full damage or a bit resist? Also Salem ain't good. for More Damage is Better Red Necktie. Please, explain what you wanna do, if a full damage build or bit tank. Thx.

Full dmg built with the least resist needed. changed salem to red necktie.

Dmg, dmg always comes first /gg

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