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Twilight Alchemy IV Quest

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To get unlock Twilight Alchemy IV you need to show three NPCs that you've mastered the other 3 Twilight skills, however the NPC(s) are bugged and don't allow you to advance to the next steps. The quest was very buggy on the old RO server too. Zitis Curium wants you to show him Twilight Alchemy I, but it doesn't work. I have all the required items in the inventory (200 Medicine Bowls, 200 White Herbs, 200 Empty Potion Bottles, and Potion Creation Guide + being Soul Linked although NPC doesn't ask for that). When you say you are ready he says "Show me what you're capable of" twice (two repeating menus), then says you were not good enough and that you must regather the materials. The Twilight Alchemy I skill is not cast, and the items are not used up or lost. I would imagine the other two NPCs (Dredaw Relic and Aleph-Nos Relic I think?) in the quest have a similar issue.

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