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WoE Times and you

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*Idk if this is the right place to start this but I ma go anyways haha*


=== EDIT ===

To update this topic to the new time shedule,


Wednesday (3-5pm) / 8-10am Europe [Mardol Himmin]

Thursday (3-5am) / 8-10pm Europe [Cyr Andlangar]

Saturday (3-5pm) / 8-10am Europe [Kriem BA Reph Neus]

Sunday (3-5am) / 8-10pm Europe [Swan SP Eyol Hohen]


Old rant can be found under the spoiler, ty.

So, after we had a weekend with test woe, the gms decided the woe schedule. So far so good, the times are the following (for people who don't know yet)

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 9-11pm Servertime (Singapore time).


As nice as this is for the Asian region, I want to point out some things and maybe suggest some changes/improvement.

Currently this time means, for European players it be 2-4pm (depending on your country) and 8-10am (Canada/US). There is no difference between woe1 and woe2, why? It is actually a bit unfair towards the non Asian players (and there still alot)


The reason why I bring this up is, currently we have basically like a 2 guild competition (Owning and TH), which was fine on the test woes, it was weekend, it was special, all was dandy and fine. Problem be tho, as far as I heard from my fav GL (Perdonononono), TH cant join this woe times if they keep stay like that.

I know that sounds like a bit special snowflakes treatment, but the thing is, there be no real competition if only one big guild is left (aka Owning). And I am honestly also not in the mood to sit there 2h waiting for maybe some small guild to get rekt and give up and then again wait 2h. ANYWAYS.


... I feel like I got sidetracked alot. lol

tl;dr Woe times are gay atm, at least for the non Asian side. I would appreciate at least some change that looks after the European/US players too.

Or maybe that is just me, feel free to tell me how gay I am, thanks for reading, bai.


== EDIT ==

Another thing that came up while I was talking with other people is, that only one realm is open currently (if you not count Yuno Stone castle)

How about open 4 castles for each realm (like example Kriem, Reph, HS, Neus)?, so that every HoA can be farmed and there is more variety in each castle to conquer. Also, that would maybe make other guilds want to try gettin this castles.


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I agree.

Maybe it would be a better idea to have a certain balance,

in which people in Asia, EU & NA will have a similar situation as the rest?



Wednesday Woe favors the Asian Time Zones

Saturday Woe favors the European Time Zones

Sunday Favors the American Time Zones


This is simply my contribution to the discussion to help progress the situation.




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Another thing that came in my mind, nothing to fo with that times thing, but

If you guys wanna keep do changes for woe, why not make a chat with woe guild gls to discuss changes? Since they prolly know the best whats going on in woe.

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European here, these times do suck big time. I can't play WoE like this or I'd have to give up on my projects during the weekend. Pretty easy choice for me.
The only reason I can think of not having 2 seperate WoE times like the previous server had would be to bring as many people in 1 WoE as possible?
We could have different WoE times on different days to solve that or add the old system back? (no not current WoE time +12h, I'm not waking up in the middle of the night to play a game)
We had suggestions on the previous server and a poll to change the old WoE times and they never changed cause majority voted to keep that time.
Idk what the majority decided on during the survey now but there wasn't an option unless you specified a time yourself.

Anyway looking at the woodland topper/avian wing change and the LPP expiry date which suddenly came the community didn't like it either and nothing changed so yeah expect nothing guys :)

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how about ?
- lower the capacity of Guild like 10-15 member enuf to make a full party
- disable alliance
- open all  castle 1 each town

with small population 300-400 (with slave buffer), having high capacity on a guild makes people join on same guild which make less competition.

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I completely agree. The current woe times are really inconvenient for people from US, Europe and Canada.

I also don't see the logic behind keeping the same time for all three woe's. Plus, currently, there is only two guilds fighting each other. Three woe's are too much. I'd suggest keeping two war of emperiums, at different timings and for different castles.


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Hello my lovelies,

It's very important to us to know what do you guys need and to enhance the experience for everyone as much as possible, kindly know that we actually monitor this topic and looking forward to hear more suggestions and ideas.

Best Regards! <3


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Well since we had this weekend the first woes with the new times, I ma sum up again the points that might to be improved.


Time. Already got pointed out and I guess the majority here agrees on that. Idk what you guys think would be better times, but what I can tell is that we at least need different times so everyone has a chance to attempt woe.


Different Castles / Realms. Since the population isn't that high we don't need like all castles open. What I would suggest tho is to at least open 1 castle for each realm. That way we also can easier open HoA, which on the other hand helps people to farm Tagras/Siege/Consumables.

To go further on this, it could even like a monthly rotation of castles to give some change (like one month Kriem/HS/Reph/Neus is open, the next month Fadh/Bamboo/Merse/Nürn).

For the stone castles. Since you guys already put Himmin on a separate slot, why not do the same here. Open Himmin/Banadis (expample) and then rotate it also.


And as last point, nothing really directly to the topic, but why not just make a small channel for woestuffs on discord and let Guildleaders, Co-leaders or something like that in there to discuss new stuff/discuss how things are going. Idk, I just throw out some random thoughts.

Kthxbai. :v


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as for us (The Hunters), mostly our time suit the old woe time, old woe hours from old server.

Because most of our guild members still working on that hours so its kinda hard to woe XD.

Thx @gcq for making this thread, its kinda hurts for us that working while everybody WOE-ing XD.


It's our members and maybe other players that working and lives in europe & Usa have same hard time to WOE at that hour, Thanks for GMs consideration about WOE time, and thanks again for our friends at owning that bring up this topic <3.


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12 minutes ago, Adonai said:

I suggest to bring back to old WoE times.

3pm-5pm +8GMT and 3am-5am +8GMT


No way! most asian have work (3pm - 5pm).   3am to 5am is to early to play game, so basically 3pm-5pm are only for those who don't have life (no life no donate XD) best time  to woe is after work and during day off/rest day

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10 minutes ago, lewzer said:

No way! most asian have work (3pm - 5pm).   3am to 5am is to early to play game, so basically 3pm-5pm are only for those who don't have life (no life no donate XD) best time  to woe is after work and during day off/rest day

Which is currently a problem for other continents

Europe = work time (12pm-4pm?)

States = very early morning (3am-7am?)

Oceania = (12am-4am?)


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Sadly, the problem with the current WoE time is that it stagnates growth and opportunity for people from different timezones to join in,

which would result to almost no competition.


Which is why it'd be great to have WoE times that cater to all three continents to give everyone an equal footing regarding availability.

If the EU and NA people left because of it, that would be bad for the server.

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2 hours ago, lewzer said:

exactly! on the other hand 80% of the server population are Asian.

Now I wonder where that 80% was on woe days. :v

If they want keep the whole population they cant only favor one side, tho that means someone wil lalways suffer.

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As it is right now your "80% of server is asian" is irrelevant tho, TH is most party Europe and if you joined woe you saw what happens if tjey ditch: Owning (mostly asian) fights itself. lel


How about we do sort of Dalai Lama suggested, one day favors asian times another more the us/european countrys.

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