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Hello Revival!
I am returning to Ragnarok Online after a long Hiatus of not playing RO; been playing Rebirth for a long time; but heard that recently some issues happened. Which sucks cause my SG was gone. Oh Well though time for a new start!

Just recently came back. If anyone has a nice guild looking for a old school player hit me up. Im quite friendly. 
~Mantis Halen~

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Because we receive so many requests from old player who have not read or seen about what happend.
We've thought about it! Because we find sad for the old players now are stuck on StolenRO. 
We've will do donor compensation once again this month for people who were late! 
Instructions will be announced.

Syphon sent an email that there will be another wave for Donor Compensation this month. So if you've donated before, your donor level should still be the same and you'll get compensated with Credits depending on your donor level. :) 

Make sure not to miss that one ;)

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Hmm, if that's the case then most likely not. :(

But as the market is right now, it'll be easier to get some C's if you farm. 

On 1/17/2018 at 8:19 PM, KittyBoy said:

2- Our Refund Plan

  • Donor Level 1 -> 25C (2500LPP)
  • Donor Level 2 -> 50C (5000LPP)
  • Donor Level 3 -> 100C (10000LPP)
  • Donor Level 4 -> 150C (15000LPP)
  • Donor Level 5 -> 200C (20000LPP)
  • Donor Level 6 -> 300C (30000LPP)
  • Donor Level 7 -> 500C (50000LPP)
  • Donor Level 8 -> 750C (75000LPP)
  • Donor Level 9 -> 1000C (100000LPP)
  • Donor Level 10 -> 2000C (200000LPP)

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