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Valentine's Event 2020

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Happy Valentines Day Adventurers!

For this year’s heart day event we will be doing a rerun of our past events to give you the opportunity to gain the items launched for those events but with a slight boost to the drop rate. x)


We will be having 2 Valentine Events:

  • For the first event, we will have Valentine's Event (2018)! Follow below post to know more details.

- All Steps and items are same, no changes are made.

  • For the second event, we will have Valentine's Event 2019: Aphrodite Mischief!, Follow below post to know more details.

Event Changes:
- Drop rates of loots in Valentine Goodie bag is adjusted.
- 3 New Upper Headgears were added

1. Valentina's Rose Crown.


Increase Fire Element Resistance by 25%
Reduce Water Element Resistance by 15%
[Married in game] Increase Miscellaneous damage by 10% and extra Movement speed by 5%.


2. Pierced Heart


All status +10
Immune to Curse status
If you are married in game, Increase Heal and Potion Pitcher potency by 20%
Otherwise Increase Physical damage and Magical damage by 30% to Demi human, Beast, and Dragon race.

3. Valentina Cap


Increase resistance from all races except Demon and Undead by 10%
Give immunity to Deadly poison
If the user is married, Increase max HP by 10% and able to use skill Detoxify.


This event ends on the 29th February 2020 at 11.59 PM server time.

Good luck with the events and have a lovely day everyone!

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