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[News] Old Donors Compensation [Updated 2018-01-20]

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Greetings RevivalRO Players,

It's very Important for us to compensation our old donors, they were loyal to us, invested in our server and helped it to stay alive for over 13 years!

And so for this all of our old donors are qualified to a credits per donor level compensation, the points will be returned as Limited Premium Points.


UPDATE 2018-01-20

We strongly apologize on the delay, me getting sick due to lack of sleep caused by a extremely busy two weeks of work to bring RevivalRO on time, and nearly 200 direct message daily from players to message me got me so overloaded so we had to delay the maintenance.

Currently I have bad and good news, the bad news the maintenance is delayed again, yet the good news is that we have a final date, the maintenance shall start on 2018-01-21 10AM UTC+8 and shall stay for 1 ~ 2 hours. We had to delay the maintenance even further because we found how vulnerable some of our systems is, because of the poor design by our previous staff which required immediate fix before we release the points, it's important for us and to you to have fair play.

A Final word, since many asks about answering to the emails/private messages, the number is huge answering them all will take more time than working on maintenance, however i would message you after maintenance if we faced any issue with your account!

See you all in RevivalRO World.

1- Our Changes to Limited Premium Points

  • We will release a new version of SRT Box available to be bough by LPP, the refine tickets coming out of it is account bounded
  • You will be able to use LPP in services like Race, Costumer and Hat Roulette and pretty much all other npcs
  • All items point totally or partially by limited points will be account bound

2- Our Refund Plan

  • Donor Level 1 -> 25C (2500LPP)
  • Donor Level 2 -> 50C (5000LPP)
  • Donor Level 3 -> 100C (10000LPP)
  • Donor Level 4 -> 150C (15000LPP)
  • Donor Level 5 -> 200C (20000LPP)
  • Donor Level 6 -> 300C (30000LPP)
  • Donor Level 7 -> 500C (50000LPP)
  • Donor Level 8 -> 750C (75000LPP)
  • Donor Level 9 -> 1000C (100000LPP)
  • Donor Level 10 -> 2000C (200000LPP)

3- How to request a Refund

You're eligible to request for donor refund until 15th of February 2018 right before the maintenance starts.

To ask for a refund please send a Private Message to KittyBoy in the forum includes the username of all of your donor accounts you wish to refund credits to!

In case you have issue with sending a new message on forum, send it to our email [email protected]

4- When will we start processing Refund requests

We will start processing refund requests right after 19th of January maintenance.

Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management

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