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Valentine's Event Items Exchanger

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Hello everyone!

Your request is heard and we are bringing you an exchanger NPC for the duplicated items you have gotten from the Valentine Goodie Bags 2018 and 2020.


You can find the Goat Worshipper at Jawaii 203 294


The Goat Worshipper is willing to take 2 of the same event items
(including Valentine's Rose, Cupid's Harp, and Valentine's Event costumes)
along with a fee of 5,000,000 zeny to exchange with
one other event item OR 5x Valentine Goodie Bags OR 5x Valentine's 2018 (1) Goodie Bags

to fund and aid the rehabilitation of the goat species.


Along with this update, we are removing Valentine's Rose from Valentine's 2018 (1) Goodie Bag.
Also, the Cupid Egg and Heartring Egg are sellable to NPC for 5,000 zeny.


Spread the love for goats and have a good day!


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