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Optimus Prime

[2020-03-09] Skill Adjustments

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Hello Community!

We're doing some adjustment on some skills that currently become game changing and flip everyone's desk! 
We heard you and we compiled some little skills that we need to adjust them. Here some of them and please find us if you have more ideas or concerns about this!~

Tarot Card of Fate:  Yes, yes yes we heard your voices that screaming out this skill need to balance out!

• Success Rate changes: Level 1: 5%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 15%, Level 4: 20%, Level 5: 25%, Level 6: 27%, Level 7: 30%
• The High Priest Card (Tarot) does not dispel Full Chemical Protection.
• Skill doesn't get affected by Poem Of Bragi skill anymore

Sharpshooting: This has been a long problem especially in PvP and WoE area that we finally tone them down.

• Reduced ATK, New Rates:
Level 1: 100% (Previous: 150%)
Level 2: 150% (Previous: 200%)
Level 3: 200% (Previous: 250%)
Level 4: 250% (Previous: 300%)
Level 5: 300% (Previous: 350%)

Double Strafe: This skill just need some a bit more attentions.

• Damage Increase:
New Formula: 100% + 11*(skill_lv - 1)% per arrow (Previous: 100%+10*(skill_lv - 1)%)

Mind Breaker: It's need to tone down a little bit in our current balance!

• MATK Rate has been adjusted:
Level 1: 20% (Previous: 20%)
Level 2: 30% (Previous: 40%)
Level 3: 40% (Previous: 60%)
Level 4: 50% (Previous: 80%)
Level 5: 60% (Previous: 100%)
• Increased duration by 5 seconds. (It lasts 5 seconds more)

Acid Demonstration: A little touch won't hurt this superior skill

• Change the formula per hit from (0.7 * Target's VIT * Creator's INT^2) / (Target's VIT + Creator's INT) to (0.6 * Target's VIT * Creator's INT^2) / (Target's VIT + Creator's INT)

Nature's Blessing: Just some reducing of their current big damage!

• HP of Mobs spawned will now by 35% of Player's Max HP (Previously: 50%)

Land Protector: We gonna need to make this more counterable!

• Cooldown time changed to 6 seconds

Kaupe: Since it blocks physical skills we need to balance this out

• This skill will now reduce Flee and Perfect dodge by 50%.


Race, Long Range, Normal Attack Resistance Cap Reduced from 65% to 60%



If you have any suggestion/feedback, let us know https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues

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Do the Resist cap count for all races, not only Demi-Human?

And is that also including Magical, Misc, etc (in short basically everything)?

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Also beside the server having a mental breakdown now, just wanted give feedback if things work as you guys intended:

- Tarot isn't affected by Bragi, and also has a hard cool down. Couldn't test the HP card yet since rip in spam and chance (lol).

- LP has a cooldown.

- Kaupe reduces Flee and PD by half on the target. As a small feedback on that, I actually kinda like the possible debuff properties it has now.

- AD, idk, my default AD damage was never great, so can't really judge that. As for the Spheres, probably needs a battle to see their effect there.


Over all I am neutral to the changes. The only thing that concerns me now is that double hit on Tarot (mean the fix cast delay AND success chance), seems a but much and maybe needs a bit ton down into maybe just one of the things. Coz I can see that pushing Clowns/Gypsy into a pure Support role with little to no chance of killing anything.

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To be honest 

Too much for Tarot, should remain the HP card effect since already lower the success rate.
For PvE is good (Specially Bio4 XD), and as i know the only 1 skill can dispell FCP tho. ( correct me if i'm wrong)

I really don't know why make LP change to 6 second ??? Do this cooldown effect LP Card ???? Why ???????


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So after playing now my usual support classes, Linker and Performer (in this case Gypsy), some after thoughts.

Linker: I honestly not really see how the PD/Flee reduce is being an issue with Kaupe, since Kaupe blocks normal attacks anyways. It just became a bit meh when I used it with alt and wondered where my PD gone. lol

If anything it had made more sense to me if Kaite would do that reduce, But whatever.


To the big one: Performer.

Frankly. The Tarot nerf destroyed Performers "independence". You basically get totally pushed into an support role (if it not happen that you try to use DS or AV), in which you can't even properly defend yourself (for example, you can't even save your skin in BG anymore with Tarot, you better hope that the enemy Stones on your Scream and you can run away).

My suggestion be: only give it the hard cool down with no Bragi. Reverse the % chance to get it, and maybe cap the chance to 50% (with Stockwhip/Requinto).

I know you guys wanted to hit the rpe users that spammed Tarot as if there is no tomorrow, but like that you basically make everyone suffer even tho they never used that in their life (maybe a game guard against cheating would help better :v).

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