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Optimus Prime

[2020-03-09] Maintenance

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Hello Everyone,

During this maintenance, we have added Valentine Exchanger npc, performed skill adjustment and fixed multiple bugs

Valentine Exchanger:

Skill Adjustments:


  • Added 5 Costumes: Gold Snapback CapOni HornsBig Bad PirateGravekeeper Blinker and Amistr Ears (#123)


  • SRT Box have a protection wherein it not consume if no items are selected
  • Item: Kitten Love will now add monster drop for Water Type monster instead of Fish Type monsters
  • Costume: Dragon Bravura is wearable on Top headgear instead of mid headgear
  • Increased chance of Full Strip to 3% for Bandit Egg (#135)
  • Super Novice Bow ASPD changed.
  • We killed the Headless Ghost (Headless Sprite error would no longer appear).
  • Ambernite items and Forbidden Reaper no longer allowed in Legit maps.


  • Twilight Alchemy Skill no longer disappears (#13)
  • Skill point is no longer lost when saving/loading build (#96)
  • Fixed a bug wherein in certain cases, player could teleport inside Endless Tower (#124)
  • Fixed Death by dice event been stuck when no players joined (#132)
  • When Ethereal Twilight is equipped, middle headgear no longer shows (#136)
  • Element bonus fixes for multiple items.
  • Multiple Item bonuses were fixed.
  • In Game setting "Turn on Aurora" now works properly. (#64)
  • Fixed Expandables Achievement not been completed.

Upcoming Event and Fixes:

  • St. Patrick Event to be activated on 15th March 2020, More detail on it will follow soon.

That's all for current maintenance.

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34 minutes ago, Snip snap said:

Fix forging equip and armor for android user sir. Auto targeting button and other bug from quest. Thx


As much as we love to fix it, we can't, because Android is managed by third party developer who is no longer available.

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