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Luck o' Leprechaun

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RevivalRO St. Patrick's Event 2020


Luck o' the Leprechaun had his gold coins stolen by some naughty fairies when he was drunk and his gold coins were hidden along with other treasures and scattered across Midgard. On every odd hour, some magical treasure chests will appear in towns or fields. The treasure chest can only be seen by magical creatures, just like the Luck o' the Leprechaun. Help Luck o' get his gold coins back and you will be rewarded!

When rummaging through the treasure chests for Luck o's gold coins, whoever finds them can choose to keep what they found or keep looking for Luck o' gold coins...!


To start the event, look for Luck o' Leprechaun at Hugel 217 230

image.png.32bc1d60bd5a2103cf02ba201654c679.png                   image.png.76ff7a325a678af1096d02a2b506fb65.png

Luck o' will give out a magical hat which enables you to touch the magical treasure chests that are going to be spawned around the Midgard world. These treasure chests are said to appear only during odd hours and will magically disappear if being let out too long. If you happen to lose your magical hat, ask for a new one from Luck o and if he's feeling nice he'll let you have a new one. Once you have found enough Luck o' gold coins, return to him and you will be rewarded with some of his humble treasures.


Once you have collected 20 gold coins, you can exchange them with either;

Clovering Egg


An egg which a cute Poporing pet rests. This one is different though, as it hatches - with a Leprechaun Hat! Can be hatched by using a Pet Incubator.

Perfect dodge +4

Increase resistance to Earth element by 5%
Give 30% status resistance of Chaos/Confusion


Costume: Luck o' Leprechaun


This might actually be the hat worn by O'Riley the Leprechaun! You can already feel Lucky the moment you put on the hat!


Lucky treasure hunters may be able to find these among the treasures

Upper Headgear: Luck o' Pint [1]


What's St. Patrick's Day without a cool draft beer! Just make sure you're not drunk enough to put the beer on your head!

Adds 15% resistance to Fire element
Increase 10% damage of Water element attacks
Have a chance to drop Aloevera when killing Dragon monsters
Set combo with the access
Extra movement speed +10%
Grants an additional 2 levels of Overcharge


Accessory: Leprecoin [1]


A shiny gold coin that was once held by O'Riley the Leprechaun! You can feel the coin vibrate when it's being held close to The Luck o' Leprechaun Hat.

Attack +5%
Matk +5%
Aspd +5%
Increase damage to Dragon monsters by 10%
Set combo with the upper headgear:
Extra movement speed +10%
Grants an additional 2 levels of Overcharge


Middle Headgear: Rainbow Confetti [1]


Look at em' Gypsies and Bards parading, celebrating St. Patrick's! Don't have the skills to dance or play an instrument? Throw some confetti then!

INT +10
STR +10
VIT +10
Attack + 10%
Increase Miscellaneous damage skills by 10%
Weapon skill damage + 10%
Set combo with the lower headgear:
Have a small chance to cast Concentration level 2 when doing normal attacks


Lower Headgear: Green Scarf [0]


Nothing beats a Green Scarf when it comes to showing your Irish Spirits!

All status +5
Give immunity to Chaos
Adds resistance to Wind and Shadow element by 10%
Set combo with the lower headgear:
Have a small chance to cast Concentration level 2 when doing normal attacks


Costume: Leprechaun Spirit


A spirit rumoured to be of a Leprechaun.. Some even said wearing it would turn your worst day into a lucky day!


Although, be warned that some of the chests may come with a little more surprise than what you expected.

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