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Price Check Collection

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Since price checks are an important thing for the economy in game, I decided to reopen a new Price Check Thread (since the old one pretty much died out).

Date: 22nd April 2020

Note: The prices here will be mostly what I either observed in #trade or asked from friends. Feel free to comment other prices you know or if you think something has another value.



Premium Items:

  • 100 Point Coin: 90m-100m Zeny
  • SRT Box: 7c -10c


  • Marvin cards: 500k - 2m Zeny (Depending on how much points they give); common MVP room cards (alpha): 10m Zeny
  • Common WoE/PvP cards: (Leaf Cat, Marduk, other common Resist cards) 10m-20m Zeny
  • Orc Hero: 90m-ish Zeny
  • Gemini-S58: 90m-100m Zeny
  • Gioia: 5m
  • Poring Knight: 90c -100c
  • Grand Metalling Card: 8c - 10c


  • EDP: 1200 - 1400 pieces (usually bought in bulks): 1c
  • Speed Potion: 600 - 700 pieces (usually bought in bulks): 1c
  • Schwatzwald Pine Jubilee: 700k Zeny; 300-400 pieces: 1c
  • Rune Cake: 300-400 pieces: 1c
  • Dessert Sandwich: 300-400 pieces: 1c


  • Heroic Backpack: +0 2c
  • Heroic Backpack: +9 10c
  • Vanna Instance Items: +0 5c
  • Red/Blue Tie / Sheep/Yoyo Backpack: 10c
  • Keris (only worth something with DEF enchants)
    • 8 DEF: 90m - 100m Zeny
    • 10 DEF: 2c
  • Tailoring/Metalworking/Handicrafting (highly depends on the + the gears have) (prices are for each piece)
    • +8 Alligator Gears: 20m
    • +9 Alligator Gears: 25m - 35m
    • +10 Alligator Gears: 1c - 2c
    • +9 Flax Gears: 25m - 30m
    • +10 Flax Gears: 1c - 2c
    • +9 Elunium Gears: 25m
    • +10 Elunium Gears: 2c - 3c


Costumes generally depend on which kind. Their prices can range widely, so it is hard to pin down one price.

  • Made out of the Premium shop/Donor Box ones: 7c-10c
  • Made out of Event gears: 5c - 7c
  • Other Costumes (Events or from other sources): 50m - 2c (depends on how new and common they are)
  • 30-Day Box (mostly obtained from Hat Roulette): 30m Zeny


  • Old Card Album (OCA): 300k Zeny
  • Mystical Card Album (MCA): 3m Zeny
  • Bloody Card Album (BCA): 1c
  • Event Point Coin (ECP): 2 - 3 pieces: 1c
  • Bloody Branch: 2 - 3m Zeny
  • Ygg Berry Voucher: 2 - 2,5m Zeny
  • Melanis Enchants:
    • Mirror Shard: 10c
    • Elektor Feeler: 30c
    • Sacramental Water: 15c - 20c
  • Fur: 700k Zeny
  • Amistr Eye: 300k Zeny


  • Cedi Orbs:
    • LResist5: 2c
    • Double5: 2c - 5c
    • Normal5: 10c - 11c
    • SpGain5: 3c
    • Random5:
    • NRestist5: 3c
    • PD3: 30m Zeny
    • Sdef10: 30m Zeny
  • SRT:
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