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Optimus Prime

[2020-04-21] Maintenance

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Hello everyone!

In commemoration of RevivalRO reaching its highest peak players number recently, we will be having a Double Donor Box event along with a Server Peak Surprise Sale (more details will be released soon) which will last from 23rd of April 1:30 server time until the 30th of April 23:59 server time. Along with this, we will also release our 6th and 7th year Loyal Player Rewards. During this maintenance, we have also updated our Easter Event and made few additions and fixes as listed below:


Easter Event:

  • Easter Event has been updated with a few fixes:
    • More Eggs have been respawned in fields and dungeons.
    • Easter Dragon have appeared in Geffen.
    • Wiggleton (Easter Boss) stats adjustment.
    • When the Easter Boss dies, Easter Dragon gets very happy and spawns tons of eggs (and dragon eggs) around the Midgard.
    • Ransom bunny has adjusted its ransom value.


Battleground AFK System:

  • Adjustments to Battlegrounds AFK punishment system were made. The followings are the punishments for being AFK in the Battlegrounds:
    • 1st Offense:
      • Kick from Battlegrounds
    • 2nd Offense:
      • Kick from Battlegrounds
      • Mute for 30 minutes
    • 3rd Offense:
      • Kick from Battlegrounds
      • Mute for 60 minutes
      • Delete 50 badges from AFK character
      • Ban from entering Battlegrounds for the next 2 hours
    • Further Offense:
      • Kick From Battlegrounds
      • Mute for 60 minutes
      • Delete all badges from the AFK character
      • Ban from entering Battlegrounds for next 1 day


Loyal Player Rewards:

  • Loyal Player Rewards for 6th and 7th year has been added:



  • Items kept in Favourite tab cannot be dropped.
  • This maintenance will unload the Autotraders, for this reason, we will provide Autotrade with 7,000,000 zeny fee starting from after this maintenance until the 30th of April 2020 23:59 server time.



  • Battlegrounds will now announce the name of player.
  • WoE Set C equipments are now wearable by Ninjas.
  • WoE Set item bonuses will now only work in WoE, Horus, PvP, BG, Deathmatch and town maps.
  • Crafted/Forged item names are no longer shown in chat channels.



  • Costume: Heroic Cyber Income, Magitech Costumes and Royal Costumes are now tradable.
  • An unknown status "Freezing Status" has been removed.
  • Bagh Nakh weapon will now take DemiHuman into consideration.
  • Homun Clip A, B & C bonuses  are now working. (#166)
  • Fairy Wings recolor quest now accept proper ingredients (#173)
  • Internal Chatsync fixes.


That's all for current maintenance.

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