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Guest 7413

Improvement for Android APK

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Guest 7413

First of my suggestions would be the chat log improvement. It's hard to keep up with #main/#trade (using an autocast item that would spam the chatlog with "skill has failed" or "you cant use this skill yet") since there's no scroll up nor tabs. Then that would be my suggestion, the scroll of chatlog and tabs for chat. (I'd post some pics but im using my phone and I have a crappy internet)

Second would be those buttons under the profile menu on PC (i.g banks, map, BG). If that's hard then just focus on the bank since I cant access my zens through mobile. (I'm out of town so no pc)

Third, I reported it as a bug, the HP % of monster always at 100% so its hard to see if they are near death or not.(maybe its because I didnt fully download the 2gb+ file)

Fourth and last is the menu tab to be moveable so its not in the same place forever and the cash shop to be clean, cant find what im looking for in it (i could scroll up for hours and still looking for that item not knowing if I missed it or not :p)

1 more thing is the linking of items, i see the hex code all the time, could you atleast put it as words even without the actual link effect (effect;clicking it would make you see the info)

(All of the above might be fixed already when you download the full game)

Unrelated to the improvement for android APK but still a suggestion;

 Upgraded Super novice set should work without the upper headgear like almost all of the other custom sets :)

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