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Things to take note of from this guide:
Builds vary from one player to another - that is my suggested build may or may not work for other players since they could have developed their own build that is more effective for them.
Players should also consider that MVP rooms have mobs with different race, element, and size. Hence, each room could have its own specific gear that would work on it and not for the rest of the rooms.
This guide merely recommends. Do experiment and discover things. Mix and match equipment, who knows there may be better equipment or build out there that this guide has not covered.

Listed below are different ways to build a star gladiator:

Build 1

This build is for Sprint+FSK or Whirlwind/Tornado Kick (or even the lazy kill like mine Point+Hit until dead)


Str: 255
Agi: enough to give 196 aspd to the character
Vit: approximately 50 to 80
Int: 1
Dex: approximately 150 to 175
Luk: rest of the stat points


Here are the skills I personally use for this (take note players may opt for other skills they prefer)

Leap Level 5 - Jump around the MVP rooms especially the big ones to close the gap and for faster search of the MVP, but leave around a small space for the use of Sprint (this is for Sprint+FSK combo). I also use this skill to evade certain attacks from an MVP.
Sprint Level 10 - This skill is used together with FSK (Flying Side Kick) as it amplifies FSK together with breakfall/tumbling skill.
Tumbling Level 1 - Just like Sprint, this amplifies FSK
Flying Side Kick Level 7 - This is the player’s main damaging attack for MVP for this build.

Tornado Stance Level 1 - This prepares the SG for for Tornado Kick 
Tornado Kick Level 7 - This can be used when Tornado Stance procs. I personally like this skill because it has a 5x5 cells area of coverage which is perfect for also hitting the mobs spawned by the MVP.

Roundhouse Stance Level 1 - With this skill, an SG is prepared for Roundhouse Kick.
Roundhouse Stance Level 7 - This skill is almost like Tornado Kick, however the difference lies in the area of coverage which is 3x3. Furthermore, despite the area coverage being 3x3 it compensates with more damage compared to Tornado Kick.

Mild Wind Level 1 to 7 - Know the element of the monster being targeted first before using the appropriate level of Mild Wind for more damage inflicted against the monster. Take note that each level of this skill corresponds to a certain element.

Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Opposition (Hatred) Level 1 to 3 - Each level of this skill corresponds to the size of the monster. Identify first the size of the monster before casting this skill on the target. Designating hatred on a specific monster enables more damage inflicted against it.


In this section I will go on with the gears as a set combined. Don’t feel restricted about it and feel free to experiment with them.

Gears from the NPC in @go 15 Novice Grounds

Basic (for those who have very limited zeny budget)

Upper: Drooping Amistr or +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Hat or Novice Gold Valkyrie Helm/ Hair Bow - from quest (maximize the effect with Hip Ribbon)
Mid: Novice Gold Oracle Wings or Golden Wings [1] - from quest
Lower: Polar Bear Rucksack (from Heroic Shop)/ Hip Ribbon - from quest
Body: +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Breast
Garment: +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Cloak
Shoes:+7 to +10 Alligator Leather Shoes
Accessories: +5 Ruby Rings or Enhancing Clip - from quest can be bought from other players too
Weapon: Book: [3] or +7 to +10 Barren Book/Solid Book/Fine Book
Shield: +7 to +10 Steel Shield or Valkyrja’s Shield [1] with Alice Card

Experimental Amistr Card
Orc Sniper card
Orc Fighter card
Abysmal Knight card
Orc Hero Card (this is a bit pricey but it’s a must have unless you just plan to farm in Alpha you won’t need this then)
Marduk Card
Marlon Card (effects may not be exactly the same as ESL but it is the cheaper version of ESL)

Most of the equipment listed above can be crafted through Tailoring and Handicrafting which I believe is cheaper compared to buying from other players.

Intermediate (for those who have average spending capacity or have been playing for quite some time enough to participate in some events)

Kontei [2]
Testament [3]

Reset Girl’s Robe [1] - TAGRAS but players need to farm points from HoA for this
Great Demon Shroud [1] - Sealed Shrine but can also be bought from other players
Hardened Steel Spike Shield [1] - Murderous Mystery Mine or buy from other players
Turtle General Shield - from RDC Coup de Turtle (account bound can be socket enchanted)
Fey Boots [1] - Fluffy’s Return (account bound)

Kitsune Hood [1] - from event but can also be bought from other players

Large Red Angelwing [1]
Vindicated Feathers [1]
Day Ring [1]
Present of Snow [1] - from event but can also be bought from other players
Golden Wings [1] - from quest

Valentine’s Balloon - from event
Black Tie[1]/Orange Tie[1] - from event
Pink Scarf - from event but can also be bought from other players

Ring des Nibelungen [1]
Recondite Ring [1]
Poof Eye Ring [1] - Murderous Mystery Mine or buy from other players
Leprecoin [1] - from event but can be bought from other players

Ascendant Orc card (Yes it’s cheap but the footgear where you will slot this card is under intermediate)
Gemini S-58 card
Evil Snake Lord Card
Mantis Card
Hardened Anvil Card
Ifrit Card
Anunaki Card

Please take note that the gears listed below are possibly add-ons to basic gears. They are classified as intermediate not merely because of their price but some items require players to be knowledgeable in doing events/quests/instances.

Advanced (these items will not only exhaust zeny resources but also credits)

+7 to +10 Heartbook
Raok Runestone [1] - from RDC Tier 4
+10 Elvira Boots [1] - from event but can be bought from players
+0 to +10 Vanna’s Dress [1] - from event but can be bought from players
Red Tie [1]/Yoyo Rucksack [1] - from Mining Points Shop
Miner’s Hat [4] - from Mining Points Shop
Angra Manyu [4]
Ahura Mazdah [1]
Amistr Beret [4] - from limited sale
Cyber Kitty Ears [1] - from donor box
Feline Glasses [4] - from limited sale
Poring Party [4] - Mid lucky box
Sea Captain’s Beret [4] - from limited sale
Sea Captain’s Bubble Aura [4] - from limited sale
Sea Captain’s Penguin [1] - from limited sale
+30 Stat Wings
+15 Stat Lower
+30 Stat Lucky Box for Upper
Premium Megingjard
Giant Whisper Card
Flamel Emul Card
Orc Knight Card

Build 2

This build is for those who prefer to use Heat (Solar, Lunar, Stellar) and Union. I think what differentiates this from the first build is that players need SP and HP intact while damaging the mob. Stats could be the same as Build 1, but the gears of this build are a bit different and in my opinion and more costly.


Upper: Drooping Amistr or anything slotted upper that boosts damage [4]

It has to be 4 slotted in my opinion so that the player could place damage cards for upper like Experimental Amistr card.

Mid: Fable’s Silk [1] or any donate mid [4]

Fable silk is for unlimited soul link that the player would use for Union. The only down side of this one that I perceive is that it is one slotted. Thus, the player has to choose which of the immunity cards he has to choose and sacrifice.

Premium mid can give at least +25 stats and the 4 slots in it can give the player a chance to place immunity/resist cards on it. I believe the only down side on this one is that the player would need many Soul Link potions if he/she wants to use Union, since players cannot bring an alt soul linker inside the MVP room due to IP restrictions.

Lower: preferably slotted lower [1] place a pharaoh card in here so that SP usage would be lessened.

Body: Reset Girl’s Robe [1]

TBH this is my personal preference. For the card in this armor, place anything that is prefered. IMO the card on this armor depends on which MVP room the player is going to enter. Personally I place the following cards:

Alpha and Beta - Porcellio card (Atk +25)
Theta, Epsilon, Sigma and Gamma - Gloom Under Night card
Delta - Marc or Grand Marin or Gioia for that antifreeze (TBH in this room GOH for Armor would be okay too)
Omega - Ktullanux card (I personally use this on Ifrit)

Garment: Great Demon Shroud [1] or +9 Heroic Backpack [1] (normally players put Anunaki or Flamel, but for this build i think Giant Whisper Card is better)

Shoes: Fey Boots [1] or Elvira Boots [1] with Apache Tear Card/GEC) or Ascendant Orc Card

I personally prefer the Apache Tear Card and General Egnigem Cenia Card because I jump around the mvp rooms a lot (not just inside 1 room but across rooms too). I like this card because I don’t really need to bring with me yggs to help me recover HP and SP or even talk to the MVP room NPC just to heal. 

Accessories: Recondite Ring [1]/ Ring Des Nibelungen [1]/ or Leprecoin [1] (I personally prefer Mantis Card on this one) or Premium Megingjard

Weapon: Angra Manyu [4] with AK cards and possibly combine 1 Dracula card

Angra Manyu is the best weapon for this build because it helps regain HP as damage is being inflicted on the mob. Moreover, if this is combined with a Dracula card the SP being drained by Heat is being replenished immediately.

Shield: Ahura Mazdah [1] with Golden Thiefbug card

Normally this shield is already good enough without a card for the anti knockback effect. However, since some MVPs could dispel (and hell yeah it’s totally annoying when miracle mode is already in effect) it is better to block it with a GTB card. Not just dispel, even decrease agi can be blocked by a GTB card.

That’s about it for star gladiator build.

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