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New RevivalRO APP !!!

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Hello everyone,

We have new RevivalRO app apk: https://ragnarevival.com/files/RevivalRO.apk

It should fix the crash that andro was experiencing. Please let us know if you still crash with the new apk.

v260 (2020-04-26)
- More RODEX bugfixes
- Changed default codepage of langtype 0 to latin instead of korean

v259 (2020-04-10)
- Support for Token of Siegfried resurrection
- Fixed RODEX crash when opening a mailbox with npc mails
- Support for emulator detection

v258 (2020-01-16)
- Inner changes

v257 (2019-10-09)
- Fixed maps with texture references with whitespace in the end couldn't be loaded
- Fixed a bug in libgrf which caused GRF file to be corrupted after patching in certain case scenario
- Fixed lowercasing files contained in rgz patches
- Fixed crashes on viewing non-existing items

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Hi just wanting to add. When i try to use auto spell. I get 85% weight and needs to restart the game because i cannot use any spell anymore. There is no window showing which spell to choose after using auto spell

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I re-download this app again on my phone and it's nice to be back 😍 I hope we won't encounter app crashes in the future anymore. Keep up the good work!!!

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