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Hello dear fellow players.


Have you ever thought of how to add a friend inside the game but the character is far away from you? 




Have you ever wanted to message someone privately but somehow the main chatbox gets flooded and you are having a hard time back reading from all those chat messages? Then this is the guide for you.


Keep reading to see how to efficiently resolve these situations.


Press Alt+H to open friend window



It should show a window like this. Normally this window has lists of character names which are friends with your chosen character.


Click Friend Setup




It’s the magnifying glass icon beside the icon that looks like a trash bin (delete). Take note of the very last icon on the right which is used for locking and unlocking the Friend window. If the lock button is closed, you won’t be able to modify or access the other buttons.


A new window should pop-up when you click friend set-up icon which looks like this one:




Click on the very first option which enables you to see a new chat box when chatting to another player (not on your friend’s list)


Click on the second option if you wish to see a new chat window when chatting with your friend.


I believe this is very handy when you are chatting with multiple persons on a private message. This helps avoid sending wrong message to people as you can see clearly how the message flow is arranged.


Send a Message to the Player


This is only applicable if you know the IGN of the player.




This chat box should appear once you send a private message to the player you wish to add or have a chat with privately.


Add the Person by Clicking on the Character’s Name




This window should pop-up. Then choose the option ‘Register as Friend.’ It would send a friend request to the other player such as in the image below.




Once the player accepts the request, then his/her character name should show on your friends’ list.




I hope that this makes it easier for all players to add friends or manage their chats.

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