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Optimus Prime

[2020-05-13] Maintenance

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Hello everyone!

During this maintenance, we enabled Summer Lottery Event and made few additions and fixes as listed below.


  • Summer Lottery Event Added, it will end on 7th June 2020
  • Added @viewhg command. This command allows the player to hide the headgears/costumes equipped by other players. Type @viewhg in game to know more about the syntax and usage.
  • Added Permanent Cart Decoration Set on cash shop. It allows unlimited usage of cart decoration. #137



  • Multiple fixes for item Locations (Bunny Backpack). #466
  • WoE Set works on all maps and new WoE Set is introduced for Guild Packages whose item bonuses will now only work in WoE, Horus, PvP, BG, Deathmatch and town maps.
  • Limited Items removed from cash shop.
  • Pet loyalty changed from 910 to 900. #169
  • Players will no longer be able to leave Guild when WoE is active. #474
  • Poring Greatsword now have proper name. #178
  • WoE Quivers can now be stored in guild storage.


  • Fable Silk Orange and Purple now corresponds to correct name.
  • Added Item Job restriction for Touhou items. #183
  • Premium HWC and LKC no longer works in Battlegrounds. #469
  • Dragobete's Rope and many other item bonuses which were dealing the effect to self are fixed. #154
  • Remaining Event: Luck o' Leprechaun Hat deleted from player. #179
  • Eden Gramps warp NPC now asks for confirmation to warp, to avoid misclicks. #186
  • Item Description has been changed to reflect in game bonuses. #213
  • Strongman Hair is now visible and no longer reports as unknown item. #196
  • All Resource file errors should be fixed with the patch pushed last week. #44
  • Thanatos 2H Staff can now be equipped by Soul Linker. #473
  • Hair Extensions Item Description fixes. #464


That's all for current maintenance. We will be having new Full and Lite client in upcoming week (Desktop users don't need to download it again). Moreover, Midgard Police have caught the thief of Lost Merchant and some items will be available through events given by police in upcoming week and many more changes are planned.


Thanks to @gcq @Derry @Unseen28, @Aka Gelato @Marvolo @Tomson for reporting the bugs and suggestions that were implemented.

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