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List of Bugs

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Hi, here is the list of the bugs that i found in these weeks:

1) Dragon Set is not Working Properly, he isn't giving the resistence to the long range, only hit and ignore Def. You can check that by the command @playerstate General.
2) Crystal Fragment + Wizard Spirit Dosent consume the item id 7321 as it should be
3) If you are in a cell near to other player and someone do the Skill "Pang Voice" with the Hat Lyrica Hat +7 or more (Item ID 5905) the Skills Sit at AoE 3x3.


Tell me if you need something else.



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Regarding #1, Dragon Leather set uses a different script than most other long range reductions. Items like Horn Card, Noxious Card, Alligator Card, Vigi shield, etc. use the "bLongAtkDef" script, which reduces any Long Range Physical and Magical damage. Dragon Leather set pieces (along with LWW, and probably some other custom items) use bLongAtkDef2, a custom script on RRO that reduces only Physical long range damage. I'm assuming that @param / @playerstate General are unable to show this as the Long Attack Defense category is probably looking at items with bLongAtkDef scripts. The only way to see if its working is by testing it vs Physical long range attacks.

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