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Bio Lab 4 Farming (SL & SinX)

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Bio Lab 4 (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Biolabs_F4), also known as Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 can be accessed over the 3rd floor of the Lighthalzen Dungeon. It is only accessable when the questline around "The boy who cried Wolfchev" is successfully finished. It will remain open for one month, after that the "Breaking the Seal" quest needs to be repeated again.


Similar to the other floors of the Lighthalzen Dungeon, Bio Lab 4 contains strong player-like monsters. All of which have different attributes. Also similar to the Bio Lab 3; the fourth floor contains 7 different MVP, were only one randomly will spawn.

2235.gif Paladin Randel - Holy Lv.3 (Weak against Shadow) 2229.gif Creator Flamel - Fire Lv. 3 (Weak against Water)
2223.gif Professor Celia - Ghost Lv. 3 (Weak against Ghost) 2231.gif Champion Chen - Water Lv. 4 (Weak against Wind) *
2225.gif Stalker Gertie - Poison Lv. 4 (Weak against Holy) * 2226.gif2241.gifClown Alphoccio & Gypsy Trentini - Wind Lv. 3 (Weak against Earth)
* Note: Chen and Gertie are the only "Demon" race monsters in the dungeon, meaning they do can detect the player while cloaking.



Farming Bio Lab 4

Soul Linker
Soul Linker have a great advantage in farming Bio Lab 4 due to their access to 7 Elements (Warm Wind). Combined with their abilty to keep useful buffs active (Kaupe, Kaizel), they can constantly keep dish out damage without taking much.
They are capable of soloing the Bio Lab 4 MVPs without a tank, if they are geared enough. They also can reach higher DPS then SinX, expect VS Paladin Randel.


- good DPS
- good buffs with Kaupe and Kaizel
- natural Element coverage

- Movement speed (Leap and High Jump are disabled)
- no AoE damage, relies on targeting the right monster (especially VS MVPs)
- High SP usage, so a high Blue Potion consume


Most Important ones: tk_sevenwind.gif Warm Wind (1-7), sl_kaupe.gif Kaupe, sl_kaizel.gif Kaizel, sl_stun.gif Estun, sl_sma.gif Esma


- Upper Headgear: Typical magic upper (Dark Wizard Hat, etc)/ RDC hat: 3x Vespers + Rata
- Middle Headgear: Typical wings/middle gear: Orc Hero, Evil Snake Lord + 2x Rata
- Lower Headgear: Any: High Wizard (P)
- Armor: Great Old Hauberk
- Weapon: Any (Example: Fable's Rod, or any good MATK Rod)
- Shield: Any: Golden Thiefbug
- Garment: Great Old Cloak
- Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): Fallen Bishop
- Accessory: 2x Resplendent Rings (to save SP, Optional: SPGain Orb), or anything that increases MATK. Have 1 slot with Horong Card for Gerties.


Estun, Esma spam to kill monsters 1 on 1 (since you got no AOE, try avoid gettin' mobbed too much). Make sure Kaupe is up so you won't die to Asura Strike from Chen. Memorize the elemental weakness of mobs and you can kill anything you want in bio4.




Assassin Cross
Assassin Cross have lower DPS compared to Soul Linkers in Bio Lab 4, but can deal AOE damage. Further they got a better mobility with Backsliding and Cloak, which let them easily find MVPs.
In this build their DPS is lower, in order to survive the Asura Strike from Chen.


- high Mobility
- AOE damage

- lower DPS, relies heavily on splash status
- relies on Converters to cover up all Elements


- Upper Headgear: Drooping Amistr
- Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings - 2x Gemini
- Lower Headgear: Red Tie: Orc Hero
- Armor: Great Old Hauberk
- Mainhand: Sir Vincent Saber: 2x Sniper (P), Valkyrie Randgris
- Offhand: Perun Axe: Lord of Death, 2x Lora
- Garment: Antique Garment/Nidhoggs Shadow Garb: Deviling
- Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): General Engigem Cenia
- Accessory: 2x Meginjards (or 2x Recondite Rings with "Neutral2" Orbs)
- Optional: Poring GM Pet


This build lets you not need to worry about Chen's Asura as you can get up to 99% Resist to Neutral. You will also have aoe statuses that will prevent most mobs from casting anything once they are near you due to stun and silence.  You will be able to kill mvps - although you might die a few times due to professor's bolts or paladin's grand cross. (Unless you berry quick enough). Much faster for farming normal monsters, terrible at killing MVPs.



Stalker (for luring)
Stalker can use a similar tankier set as SinX. They are perfect scouts due to their high movement speed, if they are linked.


- Upper Headgear: Any (Tenishi ring for more hdef?)
- Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings
- Lower Headgear: +5% Elemental resist lower: 4 leaf clover, fuzzy bunny scarf, etc
- Armor: Varigated Vest (Neutral2): Argiope
- Shield: +10 Immune Shield: Golden Thiefbug
- Garment: Nighogg Shadow Garb: Deviling
- Shoes: Ebony Greaves (Neutral2): Moonlight Flower
- Accessory: 2x Resplendent Ring/Recondite Ring (Neutral2)


Credits mainly to gei Tono for sharing. :3

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Можно использовать vvshs + perun (randgris / LOD / aunoe). Близнецы ?? Почему?)) Можно использовать герой + есл + дюнейрр. Gob? Призрачному кольцу нужен пестрый жилет. Можно использовать devilling + flamel emul. Разведка с PD3 (STR3) для максимального PD / Dmg + ifrit. Для 2-го доступа понадобится клипса с иммунитетом от комы. Удачи! P.s-neer more food(ygg.berry/seed) for max farming,and dont dead(randel reflect shield)..

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