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Summer Carnival 2020!

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Greetings fellow Midgardians of RevivalRO!

It is that time of the year where the Summer Carnival find its way within the Rune of Midgard... However... instead of the usual Morroc town for this... we decided to put the carnival into Lasagna! For those who do not know, Lasagna is the home of the Dorams [who are still in work in progress]! We are also pleased to inform you all of... new headgears and new carnival games!!!

To join this year's Summer Carnival of 2020, one must type @go carnival in order to be warped! However, you will NOT be able to save or memo this map as it is exclusively for the carnival! But you may talk to the Ticket Master to leave with the option "Get me out of here!"

Once you have entered Lasagna, you will need to talk to the Ticket Master [239, 184], who will be on your right, in order to obtain Carnival Coupons to play Carnival Games! You will only get 5 Carnival Coupons a day so be sure to claim them to play! But! If you want to do the "rebellious" way... you can talk to J4c [214, 189] to buy some coupons... illegally... for 20 premium points or 10 mil zeny!


Here are the old games for new and old players alike! Please enjoy the summary of the game and enjoy the new hats that we released with each game!

Note: (Using >5 Alts for carnival is prohibited)



  • Peco Racing!

You will be able to pet on 5 different Peco's in order to win some Carnival Cash or some exclusive Carnival headgears! You can talk to the Peco Wrangler [340,257] to submit the Peco of your winning choice to see if you won the top prize...

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • Pecopeco Headband
  • Peco King Band
  • Costume: Peco Wings Ears
  • Costume: Little Angel Wings
  • Costume: King Sura Headband
  • *new* Clover Hat
    • Ever felt so lucky?
    • Effects:
      • Give additional damage to Plant, Earth and Undead monster by 35%.
      • ATK and MATK increased by 10%
      • Chance to increase (1%) your damage and magic damage by 10% when you use skills If your base LUK more than 100, give additional weight by 500


  • Crack the Code!

You will need to correctly guess the 3 number sequence that will ultimately allow you to unlock the chest!  The chest will let you know whether you put the number in the right place or in the wrong place, but don't use your guesses too many times or else you'll run out of tries! You talk to the Treasure Chest [169,162] to get started with this game!

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • Treasure Basket
  • Costume: Navi (Pink)
  • Costume: Campus Festival
  • *new* Fortune Telling Scarf
    • Don't tell them that I'm hiding secret cards underneath... they're pictures of my family.
    • Effects
      • All Stat +5
      • Give immunity to Curse
      • Extra Movement speed +5%
    • Set Bonus: If Dealer's Fedora and Fortune Scarf is worn together...
      • Will make your Heal ability to 3x3 area if you are a High Priest.
      • Increases Healing, Potion Pitcher and Slim Potion Pitcher Potency by extra 5%


  • Guess How Many!

In this game, you must first talk to the Guesser Cat [138,176] in order to start the game.  You will soon then be warped to a small island where you will need to assume the correct amount of mobs that are spawned!  There are three rounds but it will get harder as you go so get that abacus ready!

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • Costume: White Cat Ear Hat
  • *new* Costume: Whistle
    Honeycam 2020-06-23 07-56-51.gif
    • Whistle to the sound of the melody~


  • Blackjack!

You'll have to gamble and get lucky to not go over the number 21 with a deck of cards. The moment you go over, its game over. But, if you manage to beat the Black Jack Dealer [163,111], then you might win a prize or some carnival cash!

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • Costume: Poring Card
  • Costume: Thief Spectacle
  • *new* Costume: Wild Wolf Hood
    • *Chomp Chomp Chomp* Watch out!


  • Poring Slots!

You've guessed it! It's time to play some slots with Porings!! You may get lucky with the jackpot or you might just get nothing...  You want to talk to the different Ghostrings located on the left [around 148, 169 and 79, 251], there are 8 stations for this game~.

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • Pet Egg Coupon
  • Costume: King Poring
  • Costume: Pretty Bear
  • Costume: Lunatic Muffler
  • *new* Costume: Jejecap
    Honeycam 2020-06-23 07-56-14.gif
    • A jejeling wore this before... I wonder what happened to it.


  • Card Sharks!

In this game, you'll have to guess whether the card number will go up or down depending on the current card number!  You can get a prize of Carnival Cash every 2 consecutive correct games or... keep going to get the grand prize!!  To play this game, you'll want to talk to the Joker [321,88]!

  • Prizes:


  • Carnival Cash
  • Trump Card
  • Costume: Poker Card
  • Costume: Poring Jar
  • *new* Costume: Gentleman's Pipe
    Honeycam 2020-06-23 07-56-41.gif
    • Care to show off your elegance? This pipe is the one for you!


  • Test Your Strength!

I think its time to test your strength with different mighty hammers! Who knows, you might be able to get something good out of it if you can show your true strength!  To get started with showing off your strength, talk to the Carnival Employee [291,285]!

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • Fortis Potestas
  • Costume: Elegant Top Hat
  • Costume: Thor's Hammer
  • *new* Costume: Firinto Scarf
    Honeycam 2020-06-23 08-43-24.gif
    • How's a little scarf to help block the harsh summer sun~


  • Whac-a-Squirrel!

You guessed it, it's time to play Whack-a-mole but with Squirrelrings!  Once you have talked to the Whac-a-Squirrel [310,261], you will be warped inside to pen to start whacking!  Do your best to obtain the most points to get the ultimate prize! But! Whack only once per Squirrelring~

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • Mole Man Moustache
  • Costume: Lazy Squirrel
  • *new* Costume: Sunglasses Baseball Cap
    • Don't you ever just get tired of wearing your sunglasses in the sun?



We are also happy to announce that we have released two new games for you all to play!


  • *new* Match Me!


You will want to match the correct poring from the poring family within a certain amount of time in order to win the grand prize!  So be quick! You can talk to Match Me [125, 296 and 200, 297]!

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • *new* Scooter Hat
    • Scoot Scoot! Scoot your way around town! This hat might make you faster!
    • Effects:
      • All status +10
      • Increase Long Range Damage by 20%
      • Increase damage to All Race by 30%
      • Give Immunity to Blind status
      • Increase damage receive from all source by 5%




  • *new* Simon!


This is kinda like Simon says! You will want to watch for the following sequence that Simon [117, 97] will put out.  Then mimic the correct sequence back! It will get harder as you go but you can do it if you try!

  • Prizes:
  • Carnival Cash
  • *new* Poring Beret
    • No Porings were hurt in making this hat
    • Effect:
      • All stat +10
      • Resistance to Fire +20%
      • Increase damage of Meteor Storm, Fire Pillar, and Crimson Fire by 15%
      • Increase resistance to Stun by 50%
    • Set Bonus: If Poring Beret and Poring Muffler is worn together...
      • Increase extra Fire resistance by 10% but reduce Water resistance by 30%
      • When you have a Poring card compound in a weapon, give a chance (2%) to cast Meteor Storm level 5 or the highest u learned when hitting
  • *new* Poring Muffler
    • Maybe a Poring was shape-shifted into a muffler...
    • Effect:
      • Add extra cuteness by 5%
      • Add resistance to all element by 5%
      • Increase extra max HP and SP by 5%
    • Set Bonus: If Poring Beret and Poring Muffler is worn together...
      • Increase extra Fire resistance by 10% but reduce Water resistance by 30%
      • When you have a Poring card compound in a weapon, give a chance (2%) to cast Meteor Storm level 5 or the highest u learned when hitting



That's about it for all the new games! However... with new games, we also wanted to update the Carnival Shop a bit! In the Carnival Shop, you may exchange your Carnival Cash for some goodies found from past events or... exclusive headgears from the Carnival!



  • *new* Dealer's Fedora
    • Come and give into your inner gamble spirit... just don't gamble too hard!
    • Effect:
      • All status +10
      • Increase Healing, Potion Pitcher Slim potion pitcher potency by 25%
      • If you have base INT more than 200, Give ability to use Sight.
      • Small chance to drop Soft Feather when you kill Wind elemental monster
    • Set Bonus: If Dealer's Fedora and Fortune Telling Scarf is worn together...
      • Will make your Heal ability to 3x3 area if you are a High Priest.
      • Increase Healing, Potion Pitcher and Slim Potion pitcher potency by extra 5%
    • *new* Costume: Wolf's Masquerade
      • One can only hide behind their masquerade for so long until... its revealed...
    • *new* Costume: Joyous Summer Ribbon
      • Ready to sing a happy summer song~?
    • *new* Sailor's Hat
      • A hat for a real sailor who is not afraid of the water.
      • Effect:
        • All Status +5
        • Max HP and SP +10%
        • Immune to Silence Status
        • If your base STR is more than 200, increases resistance to Water by 10%.
        • If your base INT is more than 200, increase resistance to Fire by 10%
        • If your base DEX is more than 200, Increase resistance to Wind by 10%.
      • Set Bonus: If you wear the mighty Sailor's Hat and Sailor's Collar together...
        • You get a 1% chance to cast Water Evasion when hit
    • *new* Sailor's Collar
      • A collar that once belonged to a sailor... where did you get that from?
      • Effect:
        • All Status +5
        • Increases extra movement speed by 5%
        • Increases resistance to Frozen status by 10%
        • If you are cool enough (finished all reputation quests), increases resistance to all race by 5%.
      • Set Bonus: If you wear the mighty Sailor's Hat and Sailor's Collar together...
        • You get a 1% chance to cast Water Evasion when hit



The Carnival will end on July 19, 2020 (23:59 Server Time)! 


Thank you fellow RevivalRO players for taking the time to read through the Carnival Post~ Please be sure to vote for RevivalRO on ratemyserver.net And please have fun and stay cool! We hope you all enjoy it this year!

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18 hours ago, Little Dope said:

J4c, is it real or just me? check out the price


1st pic 20pp



2nd pic 30pp



J4c most probably drunk, it's on old text

 The real price is 30 pp. Will get optimus spanked to fix this somehow.

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