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Optimus Prime

[2020-06-26] Maintenance and Carnival

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Hello Community,

We had a poll in discord to decide which event should go first (Carnival vs Anniversary Event), As carnival(73 votes) won V/s Anniversary(25 votes), we have added Carnival Event.

During this maintenance, we have implemented Carnival Event, some balancing and fixing some stuff:

Carnival Event Details:

  • New Events (Simon and MatchMe)
  • New Prizes (Costumes)
  • Ends on 19th July 23:59

CashShop Update:



  • Vigilante Shield now properly reduces Elemental Damage.
  • Naughty Fairy is now equipped in Lower (Both Costume/Normal).
  • Fixed a bug which caused many items to have double resistance/damage to other players.
  • Trade Messages will not be sent to chatsync if it is restricted in game


  • Premium Costume no longer usable in Doom
  • Changes to Guild Package Delivery, only character assigned will be able to retrieve it.
  • Homunc Autofeed is disabled when you vend (No helpdesk ticket will be entertained if you leave homunc while vending)
  • Cross Impact: Katar Bonus damage now applies (which was removed in last maintenance)
  • Enchant Deadly Poison:
    Reverted to old Formula
    EDP will wear off when weapon/shield is switched(removed/equipped).
  • Puppup Card: 
    Additional Effect:
    	+25 attack , increase damage of Cross Impact by 15%
    	If the user is Baby class:
    		+50 attack , increase damage of Cross impact by 20%
  • Poring Knight Card:
    Addtional Effect:
    	If the user have base STR more than 150, maximum SP increase by 20%
    	If the user have base INT more than 150, give extra maximum weight by 700


  • @go command modified. (Use @go carnival to warp to carnival)
  • BGM Selector added in carnival map. (Use @carnival to change the background music).

GM Changes:

  • Pure is promoted from Trainee to GM.


That's all for current Maintenance. Stay tuned for Streamer's Package.

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