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Optimus Prime

[2020-07-19] Maintenance

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Hello Everyone,

It's been long time since the last maintenance, and we are back with some updates.

Website Changes:

  • Referral Level is now correctly reflected in game and in website.
  • All Characters will be shown in the website (Previously few characters were not showing in the website).
  • Donor box is back to 50 Euros.

Client Changes:

  • Gibberish Text in cash shop has been removed.
  • Broken login screen background is repaired and will no longer be misplaced.
  • Alternate Costume palettes are added (Except Expanded jobs like Ninja,Gunslinger)

Server Changes:


  • Carnival Map is doomed!
  • Limited Items from Cashshop are removed.
  • Removed Dungeon Donor Box from monthly rewards.


  • Notoriety Quest now mentions correct price, i.e. 35 Millions, instead of 3 Millions zeny requirement.
  • Eden Fixes: wherein, the player will no longer be asked to kill 0x monsters or gather 0x items.
  • Fixed Elemental Bonuses were not taking effect for some items and combos (Sproutling_Card,Nobby Card,Jimbo Card,Ivory Vestment,Dragon Sword,White Wedding Bunny,Midnight Wedding Bunny,Develing Party,Poof Card,Orcie Card,Draupnir,Pi Shell,Diving Mask,Poring Ban Hammer,Caliginous Cloak,Stuffed Bunny,Madness Cloak,Novice Garment)
  • Fixed @viewhg bug, wherein it was applying to other players even when they didn't use it.
  • Piamatte Band (White) now properly casts "Grand Cross" instead of just announcing the skill name.
  • Fedora Set now properly have increased Area of Heal to 3x3 cells
  • Eden set now properly clears the counter and previous item information when deleted.


  • Announcement changes in CoVID announcer.
  • Mythlit Hat is now costumable.
  • Eden Set deletion is updated.
  • Ticket master moved to morocc.
  • Increased Elemental Resist Cap for Instances.
    20% Elemental Cap to 60% Elemental Cap:
    Ghost Palace
    Faceworm Nest
    Saras Memory
    Revival Anniversary Event
    30% Elemental and Racial Cap to 65% Elemental and Racial Cap:
    Ice Crown
  • Card drops will now announce in red color. It will also announce the chance from which player got the drop.
  • Investment Tickets are now storagable.
  • Chemical Protection scrolls from Mall and RDC now have clear description regarding duration and requirement.
  • Various fixes to item descriptions.


  • Spriteless Costumes!!!
  • New Helpdesk and GM Lair:
  • Streamer Program!
  • Carnival Item Exchanger!

Streamer Program:

Spriteless Costume:

Carnival Item Exchanger:

Upcoming Changes:

  • Bug Hunter Program (Yayy!)
  • With the destruction of Carnival Map by the Vanustra, World is no longer balanced. Naomi will be appearing in upcoming week in Midgard to recruit warriors to fight Vanustra and restore the balance.


That's all for now.

Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

RevivalRO Team

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"Card drops will now announce in red color. It will also announce the chance from which player got the drop." - I appreciate the adjustment that the GM Team made but please change the font color to a different one @Optimus Prime. Font red color is not reader friendly and not good for the eyes. Also, the situation of this is different from the reddish/pinkish color of HOA announcement because that one appears only during after woe. But this card drop tends to appear from time to time, hence card drop is more frequent (red font will also be frequent too). Can't we use like a different color for this one? maybe Orange or Purple or Light blue idk. Please have mercy on our eyes. Thanks.

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