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Hi there, for the time being there really isnt much things that i want to buy so ill just make a short list,  some may come with price some i would prefer to be offered a price instead. Feel free to negotiate.

Buying List

  • White Herbs at 400z each( I will literally buy all you have)
  • +0~10 Bat Teeth Katar- offer
  • 3x Gemini-offer
  • +7 Gator set including hat
  • Aunoe Card
  • V.Vest


Selling List

  • Dragon Cocktail


Drop me a comment or direct pm me on forums, I will add an ign here once i decide my main...=)

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On 2/5/2018 at 10:34 AM, Alex0009 said:

still buying white herb ?? i have more than 1k

Sorry I just recently played back...my apologies...

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