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Gramps, Leveling and You!

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Greetings, adventurers!

Gramps has arrived in Loki and has settled quite nicely in Eden Group (@go 39) . He's eager to meet all of you and to provide as much support as he can for your leveling experience.

Each time you visit him, Gramps will ask you to help him kill 400 monsters: he will scale the type of monster to your level so hopefully you can get some good EXP from his request as you're doing it. If you successfully fulfill his request, Gramps will reward you with some extra EXP too! He will have a new request every four hours so you can help out a couple times a day ^_^.

At the end of the month, Gramps will review the monsters hunted and rotate what will be available for the next cycle. If you find that some monsters are too tough after the rotation, we encourage you to use #pr to find a leveling party!

The leveling ranges are:

  • Level 103 to 153
  • Level 154 to 204
  • Level 205 to 255

Players can only go into the areas corresponding to their level. People who are above or below the described ranges will be unable to help out Gramps unless they are in the middle of completing a quest.

For example, if a player reaches 154 while completing one of Gramps' requests, they will still be able to complete the quest. After completing the request, the player will have to move onto the 154-204 range. :ph34r:

We encourage you to help Gramps with a party as party kills will also count for individual player's counters as well - the only requirement is that you see the monster on your screen as it dies. Mercenary and homunculus kills also count as long as the kill occurs on-screen for the party members.

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