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Hello Community,

So we are back with the "Event Monsters", normally known as  "Holden Event" to many players.

What are Event Monsters?

Event monsters are normal monsters with no experience gain and no drops, but gives you 1 Event Point when killed.

Where can I find them?

Event monsters spawns only once a day. These monsters spawn once a day at random hour, they can spawn in small quantities, or as many as 30. Each monster spawns in different map.

When these monsters spawn, announcement will be made stating the monster name that is spawned. These monsters will stay active only for 1 hour. i.e If they are spawned at 13:00, they will despawn at 14:00.

What kinds of monsters?

There are 5 kinds of monsters that are spawned, namely:

  • Poring
  • Poporing
  • Picky
  • Holden
  • Assassin Cross Eremes

Happy Farming! ^_^

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