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GM Wedding!

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Greetings! We have decided to finally allow players [Like you!] to have your own special GM Wedding!

Now you may wonder, "What is a GM Wedding?" Well, it's a special wedding that is hosted by GMs. It's almost like a Sponsored Event but more special as you get to spend a wonderful day with your significant other! As there are specific requirements for Sponsored Events, there are also specific requirements for GM Weddings!



  1. As all nice things are not free, this GM Wedding event will cost you 15c/1500 PP.
  2. You must fill out a registration list that we will provide down below.
  3. Be sure of your request and be specific with any details you provide, this includes the date & time specifically.
  4. You must not be married already, if you are, divorce. Then we may continue forward.
  5. All information written in the registration will be final. If you want to change, lead the head GM of your GM Wedding know.
  6. We also require a love story background between the Groom and Bride; a general story will suffice such as how the two met, how you two fell in love, and etc. This allows us to truly understand the theme of the wedding. As well as simple hobbies that the Bride and Groom enjoy.
  7. Once everything is fulfilled and you have completed the Registration, create a ticket via https://support.ragnarevival.com/ and we will get to it as soon as possible.
  8. And that's it!


GM Wedding List

Here are the important aspects of the GM Wedding List, we will provide the example that you may go off of to have your own GM Wedding happen! And take note that you must complete this first then give us a week notice of this event.

  1. Bride's Name -
    1. You may request a Sprite change, i.e. Sprite Size or different Sprite ID. Though you must give us the ID and Size you wish for.
  2. Groom's Name -
    1. You may request a Sprite change, i.e. Sprite Size or different Sprite ID. Though you must give us the ID and Size you wish for.
  3. Date & Time (First and Back-Up Date) -
    1. Pick 2 different dates and times and give us a 1 week of notice so we may prepare.
  4. Venue / Location -
    1. You may pick any place that is accessible normally (meaning, it can be a quest dungeon or any of the sort) or choose from our exclusive spots. Such as our first GM Wedding Venue [Option A: GM Not and Pure's] and more to be included in the future! Note: that the venue will be a replica of the map and there will be a portal open for it! We will allow Tours as well once you have fully committed to the GM Wedding.
  5. Public or Private? -
    1. Here, you may request whether you want your GM Wedding to be Public or Private. Public meaning the general mass population of RevivalRO will be able to join your wedding. While Private means it will only be exclusive towards the people who are on your Attendee and VIP list.
  6. VIPs -
    1. We will allow only up to 5 different players for the VIP status for one's wedding. With the VIP status, each player may request a size change and a sprite change as well.
  7. Attendees -
    1. Meaning, the special exclusive guests that you wish to have attend at your GM wedding. Attendees may only request size changes. Alternatively, named attendees will have an option to change sprite to Groom's or Bride's preferred sprite. i.e: Bride side will all be Goats and Groom's side will all be Lycans. Or, the attendees can stay as is with their size changes only.
  8. Background Information -
    1. This will be where you tell us the love story between the two, bride and groom, so we may be able to grasp a better idea of how to plan out the wedding!
  9. Preferred GMs -
    1. Now, this is towards who will be hosting your wedding. So if you wish to have one GM host the wedding reception then you may request them, otherwise, it will be the GM in charge of Events who will be hosting. [Note: Optimus Prime may only take requests of weekend] // Options currently are: Pure + Tea, and possibly Leoric and Optimus Prime on the side.
  10. Guild Recalls -
    1. Alternatively, you may also recall certain guilds but they will not have any effects placed on them. Be sure to gain permission from the Guild Leader to allow the ecall.
  11. Effects -
    1. You may request certain effects from us for the map such as: snow, clouds2, fireworks, sakura, or leaves.
  12. Post-Wedding -
    1. These items are not required, but if you wish for them then it can happen.
      1. Event - In this case, you may choose from donating items or credits towards 3 Rounds of Events, price depends on you and what you wish to give out; OR only want to give out 3 EP which will be free of charge. For the details of the event, we will discuss them once your request as gone through.
      2. PvP - You may request for PvP if you wish for it, though, it is not required nor does it cost anything. You can request this either at the end of the wedding or at the end of the event or both.
      3. Mob Spawning - With this, you may ask us to spawn certain mobs to be spawned at the end of the wedding and before the event if you seek one. Although, mobs will not have any drops.


GM Wedding Registration Example!

  1. Bride's Name - Pure // Big Size with normal sprite
  2. Groom's Name - Not // Big Size with #10018
  3. Date & Time - Option 1: September 11, 2020 @ 22:00 Server Time or Option 2: September 13 @22:00 Server Time
  4. Venue / Location - Exclusive GM Wedding Map, Option A
  5. Public or Private? - Public!
  6. VIPs -
    1. Fruity // Big Size w/ #2150
    2. Optimus Prime // Big Size w/ #2192
  7. Attendees-
    1. Leoric // Big Size
    2. Tea // Small Size
  8. Background Information -
    1. It was love at first sight, we both knew that we were the one for each other. That Not would be the one tied up and Pure would be the one to let it happen by her own hands. Not is very caring, he enjoys sitting by the river while watching the fish stream up the river. While Pure enjoys fishing for those fish that try to escape. The end.
  9. Preferred GMs - Pure + Tea
  10. Guild Recalls - Staff
  11. Effects - sakura
  12. Post-Wedding -
    1. Events - Yes! 3 Rounds of Death By Dice, prize will be 3 EP + Alpaca Hood #20070 [Note: This is a GM Exclusive hat thus will not be available for players to request] with 1 winner per round.
    2. PvP - Yes! I would like PvP to be on at the end of the wedding and the event!
    3. Mob Spawning - Salacia #3902, 1 of these
    4. Floating Rates - This will be done automatically at the end of everything.



As we must set rules for most and almost everything, there will be certain rules for this as well. Here are the following rules that must be followed or acknowledge.

  1. 15c/1500 PP will be required as payment once the registration process has gone through.
  2. If the requestor do not reply back within a certain amount of time ~1 week, then we will cancel the GM Wedding request.
  3. If you leave anything blank, we will go in and fill it out ourselves to what we see fits the theme.
  4. YOU MUST GIVE US 1 WEEK OF NOTICE for GM Weddings. (or else)
  5. There is no guarantee that the wedding will get done (as we GMs, also have lives and things we must do outside of RevivalRO but we will do our best to work with you through this, if it doesn't work, we will ask you to postpone the date, beforehand).
  6. We have no same sex gender marriage restriction, so if you wish to marry your wife to your wife then do so! We support it 100%!
  7. If either Groom or Bride do not show up within 30 minutes during the day of, without any notice, we will cancel and refund the event.
  8. If you wish for a baby-baby or normal-baby wedding, it is possible as well. Just let us know the specifics above!





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