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Hello everyone!

We are having new community event, in which anyone can draw sketch/art of anyone from GM Team or can do group sketch too.

Details of the event are as follows;

20th September 2020 to 10th October 2020 11:59PM Server time (20 days duration)

Sprite references:
Optimus Prime:









Prizes list:

  • Profile/Display Pictures:
    • First Place: 10c + 5 EP
    • Second Place:  7c + 5 EP
    • Third Place: 4c + 5 EP 
  • Full Body (Normal):
    • First Place: 30c + 10 EP
    • Second Place:  25c + 10 EP
    • Third Place: 20c + 10 EP 
  • Full Body (Chibi):
    • First Place: 20c + 10 EP
    • Second Place:  15c + 10 EP
    • Third Place: 10c + 10 EP 
  • Group Picture:
    • First Place: 30c + 10 EP
    • Second Place:  25c + 10 EP
    • Third Place: 20c + 10 EP 

All participants will get 50 pancakes each.

Extra Prize:

  • Most voted by community will also receive 5 EP and extra 50 pancakes.
    Voting will be done within 24 hours after the art event submission closed.
  • Winners will get additional 5c per person (above 2) for group picture.
  • We can add additional places depending on number of arts and their quality.

P/S: No prize nor pancakes for voters. Come and join the event to get them!

How to:
1. Be as creative as you can be but it MUST be an ORIGINAL artwork of yours. Stickmans are welcomed! But it needs to be an impressive stickman to be able to win the prizes.
2. No NSFW artworks allowed!
3. Include your IGN in your post so we can easily contact and send the prizes to all participants.
4. Post your arts under this topic. Arts posted elsewhere will not be counted.
5. Each person is only allowed to submit ONE art.
6. GM's can post their sprite reference for more detailed art.
7. You can request GM for their 180/360 degree sprite reference, which they will provide on their own discretion. 
8. Our Current Staff Team includes: Optimus Prime, Tea, Leoric and Pure



  1. Any submitted artwork in this thread can be used by Staff for any purpose. If you do not wish your artwork to be potentially used then do not submit it.
  2. If there's no quality arts for any particular category, the category will be removed and no prizes will be sent.
  3. We will disqualify all arts that doesn't meet standard quality.



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Work in progress of GM Pure!
Under the Profile/Display Picture Category.

(corrupt file)

new entry(still a work in progress)


IGN: Von Sky

Final entry of GM Pure (Full Body)


I will edit this and post the final version here when I am done. I'm just posting this as proof that this is my own work and also because I want to be the first to comment. lol :)

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Hello! (I'm an amateur but I worked decently hard on this so enjoy!)


IGN: Umi

Here is my entry under Full Body (Chibi) for GM Tea:


(You can click on the art to see it better)

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Thumbnail for version as of 11:04, 21 November 2013Halloween Themed haunted portrait:Thumbnail for version as of 11:04, 21 November 2013

Subject: Optimus Prime

Category: Profile Picture

Art Type: illustration

IGN: Tank


"The story of this portrait goes way back in 1951 and is said to be cursed by a 69 year old Wizard named as "Tomdemort" Legend has it that once a true hero wears it as his profile pic the curse will be revoked"




Edited by Tomson
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SUBJECT : Optimus Prime

Category : Full body (normal)

ART Type : Vector Art

ING: RoldSusej

Plot: I use photoshop  and redraw it using vector hope you don't ban me hehe



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Category: Profile Picture, Half body something (?)

GM/Admin: Optimus (Oppai) Prime

IGN: g c q, yandereQueen


Note: I will send a version without watermarks to Oppai directly if he desires so. I can also resize/cut it more if he wants, ty.




Step by Step collage, Wip thingy:


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Buzzer Beater!!!

Group pic 

IGN: Mozarella


Edited by Monch
Picture not loading

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