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Tale of Witch

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Hello Midgardians,

There has been disruptions in Midgard caused by Witches. Witches have sensed strong demands of some unusual(/usual) yearly event. This has caused Jendaia the Witch to wake up from the long lasting sleep.

Now, Jendaia the Witch is out in the open after a long time of hibernation and the first thing she wants to do after waking up is to eat a lot of chocolates., But the monsters stole her stack while she was sleeping. Help the Witch to sleep again, to have peaceful future.


Jendaia the Witch (niflheim 257 185):


Witch will reward you for collecting 5x Jendaia's Treats.
You can also give the Piece of Parchment to get "The Witch's Friend" Title or one of the costumes:

King's Tyranny:


Full Moon's Horror:


Exorcist Glasses:


Thieving Ghost:


They can be found across the fields, towns and dungeons. They are limited in numbers and they roam out in limited numbers every hour.


Soul: (niflheim 201 260)


Soul Lurks below the tree.

You can exchange 7x same Piece of Parchment to get 1x Piece of Parchment of your choice.


Happy Hunting! More to come soon.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

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