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Optimus Prime

Black Friday Pre-Sales Information

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Hello Lovely Midgardians, 

Robot(prontera, 150, 284) from another planet has landed into Midgard to provide you with some deals.

Robot have limited quantity of each item and restocks it with different item every hour. Robot doesn't like hoarders, so it restricts the purchase to 1x quantity per 5 minutes. So keep an eye for rare items to pop anytime (with exclusive discount)

List of Items that will be available for purchase in Pre Sale is listed in below topic:

Robot have also brought the promotional offer of "DOUBLE DONOR BOX" for pre-sales.

Duration of Pre Sales: 24th November 00:00 to 26th November 23:58

NOTE: There will be additional list of items available for sale in actual black friday sale.

Any Items purchased during the black friday sale is NON-REFUNDABLE

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2 hours ago, Tomson said:

-Didn't knew just copy pasting links is a "guide" now-


Well, you could had saved yourself 10 minutes of your life by just linking the BF wiki page. https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Black_Friday_Sale#Black_Friday_2020

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