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A Vague Question about Leveling up Location

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Hello Commnity.  I am a very old returning player and I just cannot for the life of me recall the special place where people usually level up once you reach a higher level.  I played a bit up to 109/110 and currently am plateauing with my Slinger.  Anywho, there was a place we could warp to for this around this level, it wasnt the underground or the bio labs areas.  It was a sunny map...haha.  I remember it being relatively small, giving an absurd amount of exp and was also great for $, and, islandish in visual setting, I went through all the maps on ratemyserver to key it visually but was unable to find it, so I thought I'd ask here.  Sorry, that is so vague.  Help appreciated.  

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11 hours ago, Asteria said:

Hello Audiorift,

Welcome back! I'm not sure which map you are talking about, but I can recommend the new Gramps system that we've introduced which should help out with leveling :). Hopefully some other players can help you find the map you're looking for too.

Awesome.  But, what does the reward I received do.  I couldn't find any references to Piece of Paradise.  I got two for completing Gramps requests.  Dunno what they are for or do.

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On 3/28/2018 at 2:49 AM, Asteria said:

If you go upstairs from where Gramps is in Eden Group, you can find a Vending Machine and Gumball Machine which both use Pieces of Paradise.

Thanks so much.  This really helped me, already maxed at 255.  That was fantastic.  I do have just a few questions to anyone here reading as well who knows anything about Gunslinger gears.  Last server I played on had God Tier pistols and I was curious where the guides are for the godly items for Slingers.  I have not seen anyone selling anything good for any Gunslingers yet and keep an eye out (a robo eye..teehehe..sigh) but have not seen the Wasteland Outlaw or anything else that is decent for equips.  Feeling like my time on the Gunslinger was kind of a bust without a market for gear on them.  Can someone link me to the quest guides for gunslingers powerful gears?  Anything to help me would be very apprecaited on where to go and what I probably should be doing now that Ive maxed myself. 

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