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Hello Everyone,

Recently, we made some changes to Eden Set, the changes were long overdue and discussed/opened several times:

https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/242 (Main Topic)

And our first ever dev note (6 months back): 


And other issues which relates to eden to an extent. We have decided to make some improvements over long discussions internally with the team. We came into conclusion and have implemented it recently.


I think, Everyone will agree here that Eden Set gives tremendous advantage (to those who use it) and ability to own multiple sets just acts like the cherry on the cake. The issue here focuses on having multiple sets which can cause anyone to change their build to Tank/Attack/Support, basically anything that they want in any situation within milliseconds (hotkey, 1 button switch).

This causes imbalance as the anyone could be anything within a second depending and easily be overpowered, which gives a huge advantage compared to "no set" play style, which can take upto 2-4 seconds or even more.

We are also aware that this switching of eden set needs proper strategy, skills and gears, but it cannot be ignored that it still gave huge benefit to old players and to those who knows how stuff works.

To combat this, we decided to put a cooldown on them. This cooldown is not to discourage the users to not use the eden set, we have added them to reduce the dependency on "multiple" eden sets.
With this change, we hope there will be more improvements for timing and strategy that is being used instead of switching gears within a second.

We ensure you that, we will keep an eye on the matter and adjust it if required.



RevivalRO Team

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