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WoE Set (Gpack) Changes

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Hello Midgardians,


We will be applying some changes from 20th Feb 2020, which will affect all WoE Set gained through GPack.

Following are the changes:

* WoE Set gained through GPack will be converted to 1 month rental. (Impacts old Gpack woe set as well)

* Old WoE Set gained through GPack (before April 2020) were missing GPack tag in name, those items will be converted as well.

* NPC to increase rental of Gpack WoE Set items by 2 weeks for 100 WoE coins / each.

* NPC to convert Gpack WoE Set to Permanent for 400 coins / each (Applicable for refines >= 7 and old gpack woe sets only, Refines done till 11th Feb 16:30 will only be considered for this offer.).


The changes are implemented to reduce the abuse of guild packs and to follow original idea behind the GPack, i.e. to give boost to players at initial stages.


Rest assured, the set brought from WoE Shop will not be changed and will continue to work as it is.


With this, we are resuming gpack applications that was previously put on hold.

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