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Optimus Prime

[2021-03-06] Update

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Hello Everyone,

We had an unexpected restart on 4th March 2021, with that, we introduced our next set of fixes and update:


Changes Done:

  • Event Items are tradable to new players.
    • Currently, only Jirant is eligible in event item. As we progress, we will add more items to the list.
    • A non-tradable item can be traded only once to new player.
    • Criteria of new player is currently based on account creation date and number of logins.
  • MvP Arena Changes
    • MvP Arena status is now shown in warper npc.
    • MvP Arena cost has been adjusted to 200k for old players and 100k for new players.
    • MvP Room Bounty and Cooldown:
      • Alpha/Beta/Theta: 75M Bounty, No cooldown
      • Epsilon/Sigma: 200M Bounty, 5 days cooldown
      • Omega: 300M Bounty, 8 days cooldown
      • Gamma/Delta: 500M Bounty, 14 days cooldown
    • MvP Arena cooldown and bounty is changed as to normalize the heavy zeny influx that we see when the rooms are opened (~5-6x than normal, You can check yourself in #stats in discord)
  • Refine Changes:
    • The System won't allow players to refine when Blacksmith Blessing is in inventory and is not used.
      If you intend to refine without blacksmith blessing, please store it and then proceed to refine, This is a fail-safe measure to avoid accidental non-selection of BB.
    • Fees for various Refines are changes:
      • Armor:
        • Refine 1-10: 50k Zeny
      • Weapon Level 1:
        • Refine 1-10: 10k Zeny
      • Weapon Level 2:
        • Refine 1-10: 20k Zeny
      • Weapon Level 3:
        • Refine 1-7: 40k Zeny
        • Refine 8-10: 50k Zeny 
      • Weapon Level 4:
        • Refine 1-7: 50k Zeny
        • Refine 8-10: 75k Zeny
  • Items can no longer be sent through RoDex(Mail), as it have high rate of failure and non-traceability.
  • All AutoVendors are removed and Autovending through 5M Zeny is enabled for a week.
  • Ragnarok Arrival Instance:

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/


Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

RevivalRO Team

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