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Aka Gelato

300-500K Magnus Build Priest for VIP Dungeon Farming

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Good day everyone. Today let's talk about VIP dungeon farmer - High Priest Magnus Build. This is the highly favored build for farming VIP tokens in VIP dungeon because of its high-aoe damage. As there are many combinations of gears for Magnus Priest (see https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/2684-high-priest-magnus-build-farmer/&tab=comments#comment-5442 for the list of gears), this post will cover the mid-tier gears only.


I would like to call it mid-tier in the sense that the build will focus on items that are obtained with average difficulty through events, instances, crafting, and other features in game, affordable, and they are legit (no need to donate to obtain them). Also what makes them mid-tier is the damage that they yield altogether ranges approximately from 300-500k.

Although the Magnus Exorcismus skill can reach up to 1.2M (or even higher) damage, the gears for that have to be discussed in a different post since they are top-tier and would require more effort and resources from a player. So without any further ado, let's check out the gears for our mid-tier Magnus build priest.

Upper Headgear
Chubby bunny with Vesper Card - Summer Carnival (alternative headgear to this one with same effect may be obtained through Retro NPC, namely Magic Rabbit Hat/Save the Queen)

Middle Headgear
Large Blue Wing with Vesper Card (I'm using Vesper Card against VIP mobs since they have a similar behavior with boss-mobs that cannot be affected with status inflicting weapons nor cards)

Lower Headgear
Bat Rucksack - from Heroic Shop (50 points obtained by doing Monster of the Day)
Orange or Black Tie

+9/+10 Flax vest
Great old Hauberk

+9/+10 Flax hood
Great old cloak

Bible of Promise vol.2 with Celia Alde Card - shield dropped by Randel Lawrence in Biolabs F4, while card is dropped by Celia Alde in Biolabs F4

+9/+10 Barren Rod

Ebony Greaves with Int 3 and Fallen Bishop Hibram
Black death aura (the downside of this one is that it takes both lower headgear and shoes slot)

Spiritual Ring
Rosary/Clip with Stalwart Sentinel Card

Another item that would be beneficial to this is the Infinite Flywing (this grants us teleport without affecting after cast delay (ACD) so this is pretty handy as Teleport by priests are normally affected by ACD from Magnus Exorcismus). Also, you guys may notice that status resist especially against stun is needed in VIP dungeon. I don’t wear Orc Hero or any anti stun because I just normally cast Magnus and Flywing right away to avoid getting hit by mobs. Another thing to remember is Alvilda will dispel more often than not. Which is why the trick is to cast Magnus and use Flywing.

Here is a sample video: https://youtu.be/s6erUdmwxXQ

These are the suggested gears for mid-tier VIP dungeon Magnus priest farmers. I would say that the only expensive pieces from this build would cost 45M at most (though this might be subject to changes later on as card prices are pretty much volatile).

For players who have a higher budget allotted for gears and are willing to purchase gears using creds, they could go ahead and do so as this guide is more for those who are inclined to building a priest with cheaper gears that provide ample damage.  Please keep in mind that different gear combinations have different stacking of effects, hence why the gears I posted might be different from how other players build their Magnus priests.

The guide for top tier-gears will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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