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Admin Diary: April 6, 2021

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Hi so I've decided to put some kind of Admin Update / In progress logs here for everyone to know what's going on right now.

I'll start working on adelays see if its broken or not, Tea said it is broken since 2018. After that, we'll see if we'll still need gepard. 

I asked Syphon to create an account to a certain host provider which will be handling our proxy servers. I'll switch to work on that as soon as I get access.

Once the server is secured with adelay or gepard or both, I can start unbanning 3pp users, in the meantime, they won't be a part of the Pardon system. I'm also already talking to some players who are willing to be spies which means if we ever get gepard, and there is a new cheat tool we'll be able to update gepard and block them.

Our beloved GMs are going to send me a sheet soon for the Sale and new items as well so hopefully by then I'll have access to implement them, for now, they are just finalizing things.

As for the Pardon System, I still need to finalize how it will be implemented. And I'm still thinking if I should wait till I'm done with adelay fix/enhancements or gepard first. Do let me know what you think about this.

Weekly, I'll set a schedule for when I'll only be working on Bug & suggestion Tracker  stuffs rotating from new and old issues. So we can get rid of some of them. Please be sure to post your issues/suggestions in there as well as say a few words on existing issues, these will contribute to their priority/implementation/rejection.

By the way, I talked to Former Admin Optimus today, I never talked to him since I was announced. He gave me a few pointers and stuff which are very helpful. So big thanks!

Anyways that's it for now, let me know if you have any suggestions regarding my priorities. Thank you!

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P.S. So I'm looking at working on these during my bugs/suggestions schedules. Please make sure you add your inputs if any.


the next will be the ones next to these. Unless there are other priorities, since I will work on this on a separate schedule than other Priorities(see previous announcement) .if one of these links is a suggestion, this announcement does not mean they're already approved.

If you can't / access the links be sure you're logged on to gitlab.com first. thank you.

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