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Server is back online!

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Server is back online!

Roll Back Details:
All accounts created below April 25, 3:05 AM Server time is rolled back to roughly April 28, 10:34AM.

All accounts created above April 25, 3:05 AM is wiped out. Chars/items do get to be rolled back to roughly April 28, 10:34AM as well, but the actual ,usernames,email that ties the account to those characters are gone. So they're like homeless characters now.
This is due to autobackup for account details is running only once a week for some reason unlike the other data.

If you are a player who's account got deleted and it has really important stuffs in it, you may create a ticket at http://support.ragnarevival.com/ or email [email protected] . On details put stuffs that you remember about your account, such as characters and what these characters have. Futher instructions will be provided as reply to your ticket.

Include any details that might help recover the lost, including receipts, screenshots, etc.

If you have any other concerns regarding this, please create a ticket at http://support.ragnarevival.com/ or email [email protected]


Just for recap:

Server went off around 2-3PM ST due to DB crash, prior to that people experienced trading issues. Thankfully we have an autobackup configured and set by former Admins for situations like these to minimize the loss(stated above).

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