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New RMT Punishment Rules

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As some people know, we were working on some new punishment rules, although because of some recent events we decided to release 1 of it.

We also would like to announce the new RMT rules which applies to some RMT users making noises right now.

These are the new punishment rules.

Instead of Perma Ban, Offenders will be banned temporally while we investigate and removing items/credits related to the transaction and/or a potential sellable items for upcoming rmt. The seller will be left with some items to play around but it won't be much. Same thing for the buyer. If any have any donator level, those will be reduced as well. Regarding how many days it will depend on our availability. 10% of items we'll take we'll be used for future events. Offenders will also be required to do some community service, which includes answering some questions on #support, pointing #main questions to #support and answering them there. And whatever else we can think about.

In the future this will also be updated and in addition will have a trade restriction on all accounts, IP or if gepard arrives(gepard unique identifier) for X amount of time. Although for now its just the above.

Because of that, previous RMT bans will soon  be able to apply for pardon, but these rules will also apply to them. Soon I will make another announcement regarding where you can apply for Pardon.

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This is all nice and dandy, but it has one major flaw.



The only "victim"  there is the buyer (to clarify, both parties are guilty, but like that you basically just punish the buys for buying, not the seller for selling).

The RMT seller gets his RL money, and is done with the transaction, you ain't gonna punish him basically. He will keep the money AND his ability to do it more (Note; yes same applies to ban method too, but with this, you just restrict trade-abilities, which doesn't matter when you just can go make a new account, A thing that be restricted if you IP BAN).

Sure you put all kinds of restrictions there, but there is no ban or anything. That seller just can go make a new account, and do it again (Note; I know they basically can do the same with a Ban note too, but it involves way more time and effort on their side). Gettin caught? Well doesn't matter, just hide under a new alias and do it again, they ain't gonna punish you much anyways.


Also this whole concept. Sounds like so MUCH work.

From "Evidence is clear > Ban" to "Evidence is clear > Remove items > remove donor levels > keep in check WHOS still on that all > community service".

This be ok if you had a team of like 10 GMs. Atm we are like 4, were 1 is MIA, the other 2 not much alive too and one basically alive.

Just stop pandering the crowd coz we need players, punish people properly if they did things wrong. jeez.

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Don't worry about it being too much work. We'll only have to that at the beginning. Once evidence is clear, the rest can be automated. We just need to do it manually for now to learn what kind of algorithm we'll use. Basically like making AI for deleting stuffs. Still thank you for the concern.

As for seller, yeah not much we can do about that yet, we're still thinking of other ways to increase the punishment for the seller. Even ban probably won't suffice, IP can change too. Even Gepard IDs can be by passed.

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